Thursday, October 23, 2014

Raunchy Rabbit Reminder


I found this adorable image on the link shown below.
If you are a rabbit lip reader you will note that Mr Rabbit is telling you not to procrastinate .
Enter the Raunchy Rabbit contest while it is on your mind and before you get distracted.

The Raunchy Rabbit Bookplate contest is up and running. 

Think of an appropriate  caption for this bookplate and send it to

Only one entry per person will be considered.

The contest ends at  Midnight on Saturday November 22nd, 2014

The winner will receive an inscribed artist signed copy of Killer Bunnies by Charles Bordin.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Raunchy Rabbit Bookplate Contest

The Raunchy Rabbit Bookplate contest is up and running. 

Think of an appropriate  caption for this bookplate and send it to

Only one entry per person will be considered.

The contest ends at  Midnight on Saturday November 22nd, 2014

The winner will receive an inscribed artist signed copy of Killer Bunnies by Charles Bordin.

Some Old Rabbit Bookplate Friends

If you have a rabbit bookplate in your own collection send a scan and it will be added  to this blog posting.

"This rabbit from my collection looks, sadly, to be the victim rather than hero of his tale"
Sent by Jane Peach
"A photograph showing Albert Turner Reid drawing in his studio. Reid was a successful businessman, a staunch supporter of the American farmer, a composer, a painter of murals and a teacher of art. The art school which he started with George Stone in Topeka was the beginning of Washburn University's Art Department. Although a talented artist and successful newspaper publisher, Albert T. Reid is probably best remembered for his political cartoons. Reid sold his first cartoon to the Topeka Mail & Breeze in 1896. For the next 30 years, his cartoons appeared regularly in Kansas City, Chicago, and New York newspapers and several national magazines. They remain today a major contribution to the history of American politics. A large collection of his work is in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society"

I have not yet found any articles about the bookplates designed by Albert Turner Reid. A number of them seem to be for friends and family members. He signed his bookplates in several different ways..Here is what I have in my own collection.If you have other examples of his bookplates please send scans and they will be added to this blog posting.

Mystery Bookplate 

This seems to be art work for a bookplate
Do any of you have information about the owner or artist ?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This Week In Bookplates 10/12/2014

The Harvard College ,University Bookplate Collection of Hamilton Vaughan Bail   

        Hamilton Vaughan Bail(1891-1997), who graduated from Harvard in 1911, amassed one of the largest collections of bookplates for the institution ever formed. There are almost 500 examples. They range from the earliest Harvard College "Detur" plate engraved by Nathaniel Hurd to bookplates designed by 20th century greats like Bruce Rogers.

         The collection has work accomplished  by E D French, J W and F Spenceley, E B Bird, W F Hopson, S L Smith, Bruce Rogers, Rudolf Ruzicka and many others. The plates ate mounted on cards and enclosed in two half-morocco cases which make for a very handsome assemblage.

         Hamilton Vaughan Bail was for a time Harvard's oldest living graduate, having died at the age of 106. He is also known for having written a standard book about views of Harvard.

Fellow collector/dealer Tom Boss purchased the entire collection and hopes to publish a book about it. Within the collection there are  duplicate copies of some of the rarest plates
The duplicates are available for sale..

Here is Tom's contact information:
Tel. 617 308 5062   or

Several weeks ago I attended a book show in Brooklyn, New York and one of the dealers I met sent me a nice selection of bookplates to choose from.I mentioned this to a friend who is not a collector and he was surprised that a dealer would send out items on approval to a stranger
Upon reflection, I realized that most antiquarian booksellers will send out valuable books for examination.The only time I ever had someone refuse to send me a collection for examination was
when a lawyer purchased a bookstore.. I suppose it is because booksellers are in a " gentlemanly profession" and lawyers are conditioned to  not trust the people they encounter.

Here are some of the items which I purchased.

"The Atalanta was a private  railroad car built  for Jay Gould, a noted financier and owner of several railroads. It was built in 1888 to Gould's specifications and was named the "Atalanta". The car had four staterooms, two observation rooms, two baths, an office, a kitchen, a dining area, and a butler's pantry. Only the finest materials were used. Upon Gould's death, ownership of the car fell to his son George Jay Gould who was also a railroad president. The car remained in the Gould family until the 1930s. It was then used as a private residence during the Texas oil boom until finally coming to Jefferson Hotel in 1954. Today it is a tourist attraction in Jefferson Texas". 
I suspect the bookplate was designed in the 1930s.
Here is a link about private rail cars currently for sale if you are in the market for one.

I need to do some research on the Considine plate.Perhaps it was used by

John W. Considine Jr. (1898–1961)


Father of actors Tim Considine and John Considine.


 (age 62) in Hollywood, California, USA
I will contact his son(s) and let you know what I find out.
This Rockwell Kent plate  shown above  turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  I already had it (so I thought )
but purchased it anyway because Kent bookplates are easy to sell or trade. As it turns out Mr. Levinson's middle initial was actually L .Rockwell Kent made a mistake.which he subsequently corrected..

I had been  looking for the Laha Whittaker plate designed by Jay Chambers for some time.
 She was an actress who married  Jay Chamber's .The proof  is hand hand colored and pencil Jay Chambers..
Here is something I wrote about Jay chamber's son Whittaker a few years ago..

One last thing-I am going to have another bookplate contest 
.Details will be published within three weeks..

See you again next Sunday.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Leather Bookplates Used by the Macdonald Bindery

"JAMES MACDONALD (1850-1920) was born in Scotland and trained as a bookbinder. In 1873 he came to the United States and worked with William Matthews, one of the pre-eminent binders. He left Matthews when he had saved enough money to start his own binding business. The Macdonald bindery, established in 1880, soon became one of the most sought-after binderies in this country. In an interview with the New York Herald in November 1910, James Macdonald acknowledged that hand- binding in the industrial age was a dying art, "...the world is moving away from the art of the book lover. The world is swifter now, but it is not so thorough in many things as it once was. The average man has become used to the product of the machine. Today he knows no other standard. He has lost his touch for half-tones - for the cover of a book has its half-tones."

Mr. Macdonald's clients were the leading publishers and antiquarian booksellers  of the late 19th and early 20th centuries .They included Scribners, The Gotham Book Mart and Brentanos
His collector clients included  J.P.Morgan, Paul Mellon and Henty C. Taylor .               Because these were active clients he had on hand leather bookplates in various sizes and colors for insertion in their books. I currently have duplicate examples of some of these plates, for possible exchange

J.P.Morgan used two sizes of leather bookplates in a wide range of colors.

                The two brown bookplates shown on the right 
                are uncut examples before  trimming.

The AHA plate was used by  Arthur Amory Houghton Jr


I accumulate links which may  interest book and bookplate collectors,
Here are three of them.

Flickr has an interactive site with all sorts of bookish ephemera

Monday, September 29, 2014

Science Fiction Bookplates

In 2007 I wrote about bookplates used by science fiction writers and collectors.

Here are three recently acquired science fiction plates

                                                         Walter Karig

"Walter Karig (1898–1956) was a prolific author, who served as a U.S. naval captain. Karig authored a number of military history works on Allied naval operations during World War II. Karig wrote scripts for the television series Victory at Sea. Besides his works on naval history, Karig was a novelist, publishing under his own name. He also worked as a journalist.
For the Stratemeyer Syndicate, Karig wrote volumes in the Perry Pierce series (2–4), Doris Force series (3–4), and Nancy Drew series (8–10). Oddly two of the three Nancy Drew books had Helen Corning in them and Bess and George out of them.
Among Karig's many novels is Zotz! (1947), a satirical story dealing with an archaeologist and linguist, Dr. John Jones. After deciphering an inscription on an ancient disk, Jones is imbued with deadly powers. For Jones can merely point at an animal or human, and they faint. If he utters the word "Zotz" while pointing his finger, the person or animal will die. Because the novel is set duringWorld War II, there is a patriotic flavor to it. Also, much of the plot revolves around Jones' efforts to obtain an appointment to see President Franklin Roosevelt, with the hope that he can convince the President that the Allies can use his supernatural abilities to help the war effort. Karig has written himself into the novel as a beleaguered naval officer working at a U.S. Navy public information office, where dozens of people parade by his desk daily all trying to obtain appointments to meet with the "highest authority" in the United States government. Although Karig's novel is set the then present, he manages to point out that humans have not changed much in millennia. Technology may have improved, but humans still have a strong desire to destroy and to kill. Thus Karig manages to blend a satire on wartime Washington D.C. bureaucracy with ethical questions related to the advent of the nuclear war."

U.S. Navy photograph of Captain Walter Karig, housed at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum

                                              J.Algot Eriksson

 J.Algot Eriksson's bookplate was purchased on Ebay and I do not know  very much about it.
Additional information would be appreciated.

Garrett Chatfield Pier

"1875-1943) US author of Hanit the Enchantress (1921), in which a Yale expedition to Egypt discovers what seems to be a Lost World, into the heart of which the lead of the expedition plunges by Timeslip, where he falls in love with the spitting image of the twentieth century woman to whom he is betrothed. "

That's about all for now..See you soon

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bookplate Odds and Ends 9/21/2014

It's been a productive weekend. On Friday I visited The Rittenhouse Art Show.
I went because Marina Terauds exhibits there. More often than not I buy one of her bookplates.
I was first made aware of  this very talented artist ten years ago when I exchanged duplicates with fellow collector Jo Ann Pari-Mueller. This is the bookplate I received in the exchange .
This was Jo Ann's  description "Marina Terauds was born in Russia,but lives in Michigan now.
She was delightful to work with.I wanted a "Collector's Cabinet" theme with my stuff in it,and she did a great job expertly creating the "vision".

The bookplate I purchased at the show is quite different from her usual work.It is a whimsical tribute to the owner Uldus Terauds who is a balloonist  and hang glider enthusiast..

 Here is Marina Terauds contact information:


On Saturday I visited an antique show and came away with some leather bookplates used by notable American book collectors.I currently have  for exchange some duplicates of the leather bookplate used by the American banker and collector  J.P.Morgan .

Mystery Bookplate

Does anyone out there know who was the owner of this leather plate?
While on the subject of mystery bookplates I want to encourage you to send your scans for possible identification  to
Earlier in the week fellow collector Richard Schimmelpfeng inquired about the identification of the artist who did this bookplate.

I contacted fellow collector Michael Kunze and he promptly responded as follows:

"The signature should indicate the German painter Julius Köhnholz (Bremen 1839 - 1925 Bremen), who had ties to the city of Kassel ("Cassel" before 1920) where he also had an exhibition. His name isn't mentioned in the bookplate references I have at hand.
The "Kunsthalle Bremen", a nationwide known art museum in Bremen, publishes a biography of Julius Köhnholz (or Koehnholz) in the net.   It seems Köhnholz was a well known and quite successful realistic painter, preferring motives / subjects showing mountains, rivers, and ships at sea. He loved dramatic  contrasts /light(darkness)."


Monday, September 15, 2014

Library By-Laws and Rules

I attended the First  Brooklyn Book and Antiques show on Saturday .The booths were well stocked , the promoter did a bang up job of promoting  and I met  five dealers who have "bookplates back at home"..I always follow-up these leads and keep my fingers crossed.
The most interesting item I found was not a bookplate. It is a  New Haven ,Connecticut tavern receipt from the early 19th century.I am gathering information about the Tavern and the owner Justus Butler
and will write more about it when my research is completed.


I've accumulated quite a few early 19th century library by -laws notices over the years and found this one at the show..Does anyone out there know which institution used the letters S.M.C.T.A.L.?
I assume the last two letters are for Association Library..If you have similar items and want them added to this posting please send a scan to
I scanned everything in my own collection and welcome additional scans 

 I made the following pencil notation on the back of The Newport Label
See The History of Newport from 1766 to 1878 Chapter XX , charter granted to Hubbard Newton in 1803

 The Phillips Academy label is not about By-Laws but I included it because I would like more information about it.. By the way, when you are digging around book shops and not finding very much be sure to ask the seller if he has a box of old detached boards.Sometimes you can find some really nice bookplates in such boxes.
"The Philadelphia Typographical Society was organ- 
ized in 1802, and enjoys the distinction of being the old- 
est existing organization of the craft. Up to 1831 it 
existed as both a benevolent and a trade society, as was 
the rule among the early societies. In 1831 it became a 
purely benevolent association."


 This Williams College item is  from the 18th century