Saturday, April 04, 2020

severed heads

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If I heard about someone who has a collection of bookplates with severed heads I would most certainly would think he or she was a weirdo.
Having said that here is a bookplate I purchased on Ebay this week.

More Severed Heads

For quite some time I have been fascinated by bookplates with severed heads and exposed brain matter. I call it my Donovan's Brain collection.
If you are turned off by this topic do not click onto this memorable link from the movie
  Underwater awakening

If you want similar bookplates from your own collection added to this posting send jpeg scans to

This bookplate was designed by Roberto Buonacconsi
I see no artist's signature on this plate but the previous owner noted that it was done by Pavel Simon
This bookplate shown above is a gift from fellow collector James Keenan.
It was etched by Matthew Collins

Okay, this is not a bookplate. It is a magazine cover which reflects my own fears about our current president - his misguided , and very muddled mindset.
As a nation we survived the civil war , two world wars and the great depression
 Hopefully we will also survive the very sad turn of events we are currently dealing with.

I missed out on this one l. It sold for $15.50 on Ebay.

Mr. Lombardo's plate  ( below) was designed by Remo Wolf

Don't Mess with the Montgomery clan

 Aubrey Beardsley's illustration for Oscar Wilde's  Salome with the head of John the Baptist was selected for her bookplate by Wylly Folk St. John

Dr.Arthur Ward Jr. was the chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University  of Washington

Pacher, August [also Augustin] (1863-1926): Monast Schäftlariense [Schäftlarn in Upper Bavaria]. 
 1913. 152 x 94 mm, letterpress 
beautiful leaf - Witte, Bibliography 2, 264; Thieme-Becker 

Some duplicates of bookplates used by famous people for possible exchange or sale.
These items are allsubject to prior sale.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Comments Received Punning and Rebus Bookplates

I do not recall ever receiving so many comments so quickly.
Thanks to  all of you for the interesting responses.

Kurt Zimmerman has left a new comment on your post "Punning and Rebus Bookplates":

I also have encountered my own previously researched blog information during searches and didn't recall it. One dealer offered me an item with a possibly interesting provenance. I inquired. They referred me to my own blog a few years previously where I mentioned meeting the person. Sigh.

Tom Boss
Writes about a special sale on his website during these days of confinement.

Hi Lew,
             I can give 20% off on any order up to $50 and 25% above $50.

 J.Lawrence Mitchell
                     Submitted the following:
Yes--it's a good idea to have a bookplate diversion in these unsettling times. I append one I found laid into a book--not pasted for STUMP. I also have two (related?) BAERS--see attached. He was, I know, a big collector himself. And I include John Fowles too. My reproductions may not be of the best quality--though done with my MAC--because I am not very good with fancy technology.


Penelope Cline 
Writes :Re. the Rebus bookplate, the character on the lower left of the card is surely the King of Cups from the, or a particular, tarot, although it doesn’t look like any tarot king of cups I’ve seen before. I’m not sure how or if this can help with identification, unless the initials below the king refer to an actual person connected in some way with the tarot or the initials KOC form part of the person’s name.

Last but not Least here is a mystery bookplate from My own collection
Ropes End sounds like the title of a mystery novel. I'm guessing Mr .Richardson was a reporter or a mystery writer. I came up with this information while searching Google.
 "The Los Angeles Examiner paper was from 1903 to 1962 when it then became the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. In the 1940s city editor James H. Richardson encouraged and promoted his reporters to bring to light the scandals and crime in Hollywood."
Let's call this a mystery bookplate  until I verify with certainty who the owner was.
You input would be appreciated.
Lew Jaffe

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Punning and Rebus Bookplates

These postings are several several years old .
They are a perfect diversion during our virtual bookplate therapy sessions.
Send me more please and they will be published.
Rebus bookplates are particularly wanted .
This is intentionally longer than my normal postings.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Lew Jaffe
These two are in a new category I have started.
The category is called WRETCHED EXCESS 
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WHO IS MR. (MRS.) Rebus ????

Click On Image To Enlarge

Bookplates can offer a glimpse into the window of someone's mind. Sometimes; , the shades are drawn.Such is the case with Mr.? Rebus. Was he a sadist out to torment future generations with his rebus name? There are a gazillion permutations and combinations.
Could he be the infamous Kingbush Smithy or his cousin Royaltree Anvil. Under magnification the date 1931 can be seen at the bottom of the plate along with two sets of initials ,M.C.C. and I.M.S
If any of you out there have any thoughts on whose bookplate this is , I would love to hear from you.

1/6/2014   Jos Swiers sent a number of Dutch punning plates

Dutch punning bookplates

Name owner
La Chapelle (chapel)
Anton Pieck
Koopman (merchant)
Anton Pieck
Hahn (cock)
Albert Han
Valk (falcon)
Nico Bulder
Eyck (oak)
Engelien Valença
Brugmans (bridgeman)
Pam. G. Rueter
Schutter (marksman)
Nico Bulder
B.H. Vos (fox)
Nico Bulder
Visser (fisherman)
Ank Spronk-Feenstra
Dijkhuizen (houses on a dyke)
Jan Batterman
Kiewiet (pewit)-de Jong
Simon Moulijn
Rotgans (brent-goose)
Georg Rueter
C. Vos (fox)
Henri Jonas
ca 1920
Boer (farmer)
Dirk van Luijn
Mol (mole)
P.J. Franken
Kramer (pedlar/packman)
Pam G. Rueter
Dorrenboom (dry tree)
Lou Strik

1/7/1014- I just found two more in my bird bookplate album

Vogler is German for bird watcher

Punning and Rebus Bookplates

Punning bookplates are like Tribbles . They keep breeding until they take over your album.
I am not sure when I started collecting punning and rebus bookplates. It just sort of happened.I had one or two near each other in an album and they started reproducing . Gloria Swanson's rebus plate is one of the most innovative ones I own.
Hettie Gray Baker worked in Hollywood for most of her adult life and built a world class collection of celebrity bookplates.The collection is at the Hartford(Conn.) Athenaeum and well worth a visit
George H. Bell was the Governor of New Hampshire
Mr. Bookman's bookplate is illustrated in The Art of the Bookplate by James Keenan
Robert O. Foote's plate was designed by Ruth Saunders

Most of the punning and rebus plates in my collection are in the English language.If you have the time and are so inclined please send me scans of examples in other languages and I will add them to this posting.
By the way, I have added a bookplate search engine to the blog .It is located on the upper left side and will enable you to find information I previously wrote about. It always amuses me when I do a search about an artist or owner and come up with something I wrote about and had completely forgotten. See you next week.