Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who Was Frances Woodward Prentice ?


I suspect I am addicted to dust.My favorite method of bookplate hunting is to sit in an old bookshop blowing dust off covers , peeking inside, in anticipation of finding a bookplate treasure .The excitement of discovery that accompanies the search can never be replicated by Ebay.

Yesterday ,I listed some open shops.Here are some more ,which I try to visit whenever possible:

New York City

Appelfeld Gallery 1372 York Ave - They have a very large selection of used bookplate reference books from the Caplin collection .

Argosy Books- 116 east 59th St- One dollar books outside in stalls, finer bookplates in the print depatrment on the third floor and a basement to browse through for hours on end.

Boston Area

Brattlebooks 9 West St, Boston- Second generation bookseller with helpful employees-Try to go on a day when it is not raining as they put thousands of one to five dollar books in outside stalls.I have found many bookplate treasures there.

Bryn Mawr BookStore 373 Huron Ave. Cambridge,Mass.-One of several fine Bryn Mawr Shops run by delightful volunteers taken right out of a Dicken's novel. Well worth a visit.

Washington D.C. area

Second Story Books warehouse-12160 Parklawn Drive Rockville, Md.- Row after row of inexpensive books. They often buy the estates of Washington's elite so with patience you can find affordable items from the libraries of very famous people.

Philadelphia Area- Baldwin's Book Barn-865 Lenape Road West Chester Pa.-Time does not stand still but you know that it has slowed down when you visit this store.It is a five story barn built in 1822 and lovingly converted into a living national treasure. Well worth the trip when you are in the Philadelphia area.

If you personally have visited other open shops worthy of being included in my blog please let me hear from you.Dust is not a requirement but it it is helpful.

I would be remiss if I did not mention two Bookplate specialist dealers who do not run open shops but house many thousands of bookplates for sale and can reached by telephone:
Tom Boss- Wellesley Mass. 781 431 2037
James Wilson-Berkhampsted.England 01144 1442 873396

Last but not least- Here is what I have found out about the Francis Woodward Prentice bookplate which I got at Baldwins Bookbarn, in their dollar room many years ago.I believe she wrote short stories for McCalls magazine in the 1930's .The bookplate designer is Butler and it was done in 1927. Do you have any additional information about the owner or designer?
That's all for today.

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Searcher said...

Frances (Woodward) Prentice, of Buffalo, NY, was the daughter and grand-daughter of NY (Superior and Supreme Court) state judges. She married Clarence Prentice, of Buffalo, a Yale grad, and they lived in Tulsa for a time while he was working there in the oil business. While they were living there a truly awful race riot occurred in 1921. In 1932 Scribners Magazine later held a national conference to find talented writers. Frances W. Prentice’s entry titled The Oklahoma Race Riots won the $1,000 first prize, and was published by Scribners. She received literary acclaim, and eventually became an editor of Atlantic Monthly, in Boston, divorced her husband, and in a shocking event for "society" of the time, married prominent Boston Attorney and socialite Charles Pelham Curtis, the youngest Harvard graduate ever appointed to the Harvard board of Overseers. She died in 1961 at age 66 some time after being injured in a fire which killed her husband as well, in their vacation home in Stonington, CT. John Singer Sargent painted a famous portrait of her husband’s mother.