Saturday, February 03, 2007

Science Fiction/ What ever happened to Stuie Steinkritz ?

I do not know for certain that each and every one of this group are for science fiction collectors.The Algot Erikson bookplate was done in Sweden in 1940 .The Vepstas bookplate has a comic book theme.It was designed by Henrietta Vepstas for her brother.The Morehouse bookplate amuses me so I included it.
The Sallume plate was designed for Antioch Bookplate by Ed Emsh.

I do not know if Ray Bradbury uses a bookplate in his own books.When I wrote to him in 2001 and asked him to send me his own bookplate , this is what he sent.I have a very special fondness for Ray Bradbury as he was the very first Science fiction writer I recall reading.Taking a trip down memory lane I also recall a fellow student in my public school in Brooklyn, whose name was Stuart Steinkritz ? He was, as I recall a nephew of Leslie Nielson , the actor. Using a pen name, he actually got published in one of the Science Fiction pulp magazines.I think that's pretty impressive for a 12 year old.
Although I can't be sure about the exact spelling of his last name I do recall the acronym he taught me B.E. M. (Bugged Eyed Monsters)
The late John Brunner used a bookplate designed by Jim Barker.The designer's name is hard to make out but you can click on the image for enlargement. Porcupine books in England has a number of books from Mr. Brunner's library with his bookplate, priced at $20.00 + They are nice people to deal with.
Edgar Rice Burroughs' bookplate does not come up for sale very often.About ten years ago, I tracked down his grandson and was able to purchase my copy from him. If a copy is offered to you from a reputable source, buy it.
Arthur C. Clarke's bookplates show up from time to time on Ebay. They seem to sell in the $25.00 + range.
L.Sprague de Camp used this very distinctive triangular bookplate.I purchased it from Tom Boss, a bookseller in Wellesley , Mass. several years ago.He may possibly have more copies.
Harlan Ellison uses a bookplate printed at Gnome press from a design by Ed Cartier.The late Andre Norton used a similar bookplate.
H.P.Lovecraft- A word of caution if offered an association copy with a Lovecraft bookplate. Mr. Lovecraft's cousin ,Wilfred B. Talman originally designed the bookplate. Several years ago The Necronomicon Press reproduced the plate and distributed it.I see them from time to time on Ebay. There is no easy way that I know of to distinguish these reproductions from the originals. Let the buyer beware.
It is Monday February 5th. I had hoped to complete this posting yesterday but real life interfered. I want to thank all of you who participated in my Ebay bookplate auction.The bidding was frantic and 24 of the 25 items listed were sold. I think this blog contributed to the many new bidders who participated. I plan to have my next bookplate auction sometime in March.If you would like to be notified just send me an Email :

H.G.Wells- He had at least two bookplates.The one he definitely used is item #44 in London Bookplates by Brian North Lee "From the library of H.G.Wells at 13 Hanover Terrace Regent's Park London (with facsimile signature). Label within an ornamental border"

The one illustrated above is from my collection and was designed by Robert Saldo. I do not know is whether the Saldo plate was ever affixed to any books in H.G. Wells' library.Some bookplate designers created "honorarium " plates without the knowledge or consent of the owner. It gave them a certain amount of prestige to claim they had designed a bookplate for a well known person. As can be seen from the Saldo advertisement, he promoted the fact that several celebrities of the 1930's were his clients.

A final note-This has nothing to do with the science fiction theme. Quite by chance I discovered several interesting bookplate groups on the Flickr photo sharing site.If you click on the words Science Fiction in the title, at the beginning of this posting it will lead you to the Flickr search engine.
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Alan said...

Excellent collection Lew! A little note on providence - the Edd Cartier illustration on the Ellison plate was originally used by Fantasy Press as the cover art on the three paperback titles of the Golden Science Fiction Library.

IdahoRocks said...

Hi Lew,
Thanks so much for the bookplate explanation on my blogsite! I thought it was rather interesting.... I also enjoyed the excellent collection here. During my high school years I loved science fiction, including the short stories by Ellison. PS: I emailed you at and also wrote about the bookplate at Sarahsusedandrare blog.

I have a bookstore owner friend here in town that has collected "thousands" of bookplates over the years. I'll lead him to your blog.
Thanks so much,

Carl V. said...

Those are all so great, thanks for posting the pics!

jacques said...

Could you tell me if the saldo bookplate is as green as on your picture. I own this one but in blue. Saldo made also a bookplate for Odette Keun (she spent a long time with Wells in south of France (see Odette Keu in Google...

Lew Jaffe said...

Dear Jacques,
My copy of the Wells plate is green not blue.Thank you for the information about Odette Keun.
Lew Jaffe

kristine said...

Hi Lew!
Me either, my copy of the Wells plate is green not blue

Thanks for these collection you have, and I am able to compare it with my brother's collection. He also love these stuffs!! Thanks once again!

Kristine from Purity Rings