Friday, March 14, 2008

Bookplates Don't Get No Respect/Gertrude Lawrence

I collect bookplates from the libraries of famous people.The Gertrude Lawrence plate is a duplicate . If you have something comparable for possible exchange please send me a scan

Mell Efird's plate is illustrated on p.235 in Historic Bookplates In California by Clare Ryan Talbot and Howard Morepark's plate is also mentioned on P.168

If bookplates could talk they might use Rodney Dangerfield's line "I just don't get no respect" They are , if you think about it, miniature prints and yet most print collectors do not give them a second thought. Perhaps Ebay is altering the landscape ever so slightly. Paul Landacre's prints sell for thousands of dollars. Yesterday a pencil signed bookplate from his library sold for $273.00 on Ebay. The seller who is a friend was shocked and delighted.I think the buyer made a very wise investment. I have scanned a few other Landacre bookplates from my collection.

Here is still another bookplate link you might enjoy.
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Charles Ellwood Jones said...

I've recast the collection I posted on another blog and added another set of bookplates to it

"Bookplates of Scholars in Ancient Studies", at