Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bookplates On Ebay, Alas Poor Dodo

The mystery woman's bookplate has always intrigued me. I bought two copies . One is in my collection and one is currently for sale on Ebay *. She may have lived in California and the artist's name is hard to make out so I have blown it up. Do any of you recognize it?
* If you click the title of this week's posting you will be linked to the 25 bookplates I currently have for sale on Ebay.

You might wonder why someone would pay tribute to the Dodo bird on his bookplate. I certainly did and here is what I learned: Ralph Whistler has been collecting Dodos for a good many years .You can learn more about his world class dodo collection by following the video link below.

Last year I had a bizarre bookplate contest which was well received and I have been thinking about another (different ) sort of bookplate contest but the creative juices are not flowing. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Many of you have found odd and interesting things in books. In fact that is one of the joys of working in a bookstore.

Howard Yeend has a site devoted to things found in books.

Here is a very creative way to display a bookplate collection. I do not know whose collection this is but he or she is probably in Canada and must know me because the collection has several of my personal bookplates.

I am off to a bookstore to find treasures. See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Great post, it is wonderful to find beauty in unexpected places!

Barsha said...

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