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Bookplates For The Hamill Family

Click on Images To Enlarge" Although I am not a bookplate collector I certainly do appreciate them. I saw your recent posting and because I thought you might just find it interesting have attached photos of the wedding invitation for Margaret Van Nest Smith to George Duryee in 1896. The invitation was sent to and used by William Church, an All American football player at Princeton."
Thank you, Jacob Lurie for sending this additional information in response to last week's posting.

I have , over the years acquired bookplates used by the Hamill family of Illinois and am expecting several more from a recent exchange. They will be posted next week.
The skeleton plate on the left was designed by Warren Chappell.
The two centaurs on the right were done by Norman Forgue of The Black Cat Press

Alfred E. Hamill , his wife Clarice and many family members had bookplates designed by the leading designers of the twentieth century.
Mr. Hamill was a Chicago and Lake Forest investment banker and president of the Newberry Library Board of Trustees, ( 1929 to 1953).
He was born in Chicago in 1883 , graduated from Yale University in 1905, and resided in Lake Forest, Illinois. His business career began at the Northern Trust Company and ended at Goldman, Sachs, and Company. He was a trustee of the Presbyterian Hospital , the Chicago Child Care Society, vice-president of the Chicago Art Institute, and president of the Lake Forest Public Library . Mrs Hamill was a book designer and illustrator.
The Centaur plate on the left was done by Thomas Maitland Cleland.
Clarice Hamill was a book illustrator so I am assuming she designed her own bookplate

The Sterling Morton Hamill plate was designed by Ernst Puehler.
The Centaur plate on the right is a wood cut by Joseph Low

Here are two links you may find interesting:
If you want to see the Holy Grail of bookplate collecting follow this link
Simon Brett is a highly acclaimed artist whose wood engraved bookplates are remarkable.
See you next week.

8/3/2009 This was just received.
Clarice Walther Hamill was also a collector, and formed a very fine collection of miniature books. I bought a number of them, many very early, from Francis Hamill & Margery Barker. I was an associate of Hamill & Barker in the 1970's. In my own collection are two plates you lack.. Both are calligraphic in style, one about 2 by 1 3/4 inches; the other very tiny. For her miniature books. Think they were designed by the Chicago artist and master calligrapher James Hayes. Also I have a small child's plate in color of an angel - for one Ariel Hamill.
Enjoying your bookplate blog.
All the best,
Richard Cady, Prescott, AZ.

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Unknown said...

I found this site on Google looking for a Hamill bookplate, Alfred and Clarisse, signed by "H. C. D." And as I wrote this, it struck me that this must have been Henry C. Dangler, 1913-16 partner with architect David Adler, who died in 1916. Dangler also was a cousin of Hamill's, their mothers both being Corwith sisters and living on the lake south of central Lake Forest, at least in summer. We may have a few additional Hamill plates, too, since Lake Forest College received some 6,500 of Hamill's books, not the rarest, in 1955, after Hamill's 1953 death from Mrs. Hamill. Also, Lake Forest was given a few of Mrs. Hamill's miniature books, as I recall, when I met her in 1972, on first arriving at Lake Forest College.

I'm also working on cataloging/uploading some plates from the Cornelia Neltnor Anthony collection--not her main one that is at the West Chicago, IL, library, but a smaller and more personal one with correspondence, etc. from her late nephew, Edwin Neltnor Asmann, LF College Class of 1927. There are several prints by John W. Evans along with correspondence with him, 1935-40; also some interesting other plates--including a Cavendish/Duke of Devonshire (Chatsworth) plate, baroque in style, not now to be found on Google.

Thank you for your fine blog!

Arthur H. Miller, Archivist and Librarian for Special Collections, Donnelley and Lee Library, Lake Forest College,