Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kindles and Kipling

The Hubbard plate illustrated below fits into a special category in which you start muttering. " I know that image , it's illustrated in one of my reference books but damn it I can't figure out which one " If you recognize the plate please let me know. Click On Images To Enlarge
The amateurish looking plate shown below was designed by Rudyard Kipling for Dorothy Doubleday , his publisher's daughter. It has astrological zodiac symbols and is supposed to be a punning pictorial . Ref. P.112 British Bookplates A Pictorial History by Brian North Lee

It is always gratifying to be mentioned in other peoples blogs.

Here are two links mentioning my Sunday outpourings and discussing Kindle. Some very sensitive toes must have been stepped on by questioning the wisdom of spending $400.00 for a Kindle (The price has now been reduced to $299.00) .The emotional comments from the pro Kindle faction were quite interesting. I suspect it is a generational thing. Personally I think Kindle is a waste of money at any price.

I hope to see some of you next week at Papermania.

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MikeP said...

Mr Jaffe, obviously you are free to ignore the Kindle and its like, and as a book-sniffer, -handler (and reader!) of many years standing (some ten years fewer than you, I suspect) I am with you on what sounds like a somewhat soulless reading experience. As a publisher, however, I know that the digital genie is out of the bottle for good, and much of my time is currently taken up with figuring out how to get on the bandwagon without falling under the wheels, if I may mix metaphors. I shall buy a Kindle when it's available in the UK out of professional curiosity, if not necessity, but that won't alter the fact that my shelves are groaning with real and beautiful books. If all books from now on were published digitally, with the craving for 'real' books with decent production values taken care of by enthusiasts and craftsmen with taste, the world would not necessarily be a worse place! After all, if we enjoy your blog (and we do) it is thanks to a previous phase of the digital revolution...