Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day In New York City

My impulse buys in New York City. If I had lots of cash I would be dangerous.
Name label in a circa 188o book called the Farmer's Practical Horse Farriery.

Someone once asked me why I collect things. It wasn't a trick question but it puzzled me because it took me by surprise. How do you explain something that is hard wired into your Psyche.

I don't ordinarily get up at 5:00 A.M. to catch a 6:30 bus to New York City but I had already made a lunch appointment with old friends and was going to see my daughter and son-in law at the end of the day .The only way to squeeze in bookstores and flea markets into a one day trip was to arrive early.Here is a collector's walking guide for those of you who find themselves in New York City on a weekend.

Start at sixth Avenue and 25th street and head east (toward 5th Ave.)

120 W.25th St. Two floors of antiques with many $2.00 books in the basement. That is where I got the horse book.

112 W. 25th St. (The Antiques Garage) 100 dealers , opens at 6:30 A. M. You never know what you might find.

40 w. 25th st 4 floors 200 galleries I spent very little time there .

28 W. 25th St. High end gallery.

29-37 W. 25th St.

Out door dealers set up in an vacant lot. You never know what you might find.

If you still want to keep going take a cab to the Strand bookstore on 12th Street and Broadway.

That is where I got most of the bookplates .

I got this one out of curiosity. Why would Mr. Cook put a screw on his bookplate?

I do not recognize the artist whose last name looks like Cain

Mr. Swain was a vice president at Standard Oil.The artist Cleon is unknown to me.

Update- 10/21/2009 Thanks to Tom boss I was led to Jackets Required , a delightful book about dust jackets. Cleon was the nom de plume of Cleonike Damianakes (Wilkins).
I will be writing a bit more about her on Sunday October 25th.

Mr. Krisel was a corporate tax attorney in New York City.His bookplate is dated 1936. The artist's cipher is hard to read and unknown to me

One last thing . Here is a great resource for every imaginable collectible and some beyond your imagination
See you next week.


MrCachet said...

Why the Oriental paper currency, Lew? I'm just curious. Bookmark material? LOL.

Lew Jaffe said...

Dear Mr. Cachet,
This morning I asked myself the same question. I am one of the last big time impulse buyers.

Rook No. 17 said...

Hi. I just love looking through your collection ~ exquisite! I just posted a free bookplate graphic, circa 1894, from the book "BROWNIES AROUND THE WORLD" that I thought you might want to grab. Best regards,
Jenn @

Mark M said...

I'm being pedantic, perhaps, but there is no apostrophe in Lots

Lew Jaffe said...

Thank you Mark,
The correction was made.

DavidD said...

Nice collection of bookplates, both images and line quality. I am a novice letterpress printer and your examples have inspired me. I am the sentimental sort and like the idea that you are now the owner of a cherished object that has a previous owner and you know their name. Collecting is sometimes emotional. Please visit my blog and comment if possible (

Thanks for sharing.