Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Bookplates of John Lewis Childs

John Lewis Childs (1856-1921) was an astute businessman and politician who founded the village of Floral Park, New York. He was also an ornithologist and started America's first seed catalog business.
His had one of the finest private libraries in the world devoted to natural history. It included among other rarities Audubon's original work Birds of America.
His bookplates  are quite unique .The printed outer frame on each one is the same but the central portion is hand colored and hand lettered. I assume he had talented artists working for him in his catalog business and one of them may have assisted him with the bookplates. I would like to learn the artist's name and how many different bookplate images were in his library.
The bookplates from Mr. Child's library are quite scarce.I have only found three in thirty years but hope springs eternal. Maybe, a few more will be offered to me as a result of this blog.
That's about all for now.See you next Sunday.

OOPS, I almost forgot: From time to time I run bookplate collector profiles.It is not very formal or structured. Collectors write about themselves and their collection.and the information is posted on the blog.It's a good way to meet other collectors who want to exchange information and or duplicates.Don't be shy. Send me a paragraph or two.  Lew Jaffe

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