Saturday, August 06, 2011

Silent Film Star Bookplates - Part Four (The Cowboys)

Ken Maynard's Bookplate Is Printed On Silk Thread Paper

I get many period photos to display along side bookplates from cigarette cards and Dixie Cup lids.
 The Philadelphia Free Library has a well stocked used bookstore located at 311 North 20th street.
Yesterday, I purchased a copy of  Whatever Became Of (Fourth Series) by Richard Lamparski.
The format is quite simple .A brief biography of the entertainer,a photo from his or her prime and a 1970 photo.It was saddening to note how many of the celebrities did not save for a rainy day or are selling used cars..According to the author "The man (Ken Maynard) who for several years was among the top screen money-makers lives alone in a ramshackle trailer filled with dusty mementos of his years of glory"

Tom Mix used a flocked paper for his bookplate to simulate rawhide..
That's all for now I will continue on Sunday morning.


MrCachet said...

Wonderful bookplates and the "Go-withs" to go with!

Zyada said...

I was delving into old Google books and found an article you might be interested in: A plea for the decorative bookplate The Craftsman Volume 5 (1903-1904(