Sunday, March 25, 2012

Artist Profile Robert (Bobby ) Campbell

I found a bookplate on the internet which was designed for the   science fiction writer Robert Anton Wilson.The illustrator, Robert Campbell was kind enough to respond to my inquiry .

Do you have a website?

What was your relationship with Robert Anton Wilson?

I was a student of his at the Maybe Logic Academy, where he taught online classes during his last few years. I knew him mostly from those classes and through e-mail, though I did get to meet him in person once.

Though before all that he was my very favorite writer during my late teens & early 20's. If I could have chosen to meet any writer/artist living or dead it would have been him. Getting to become friends w/ him really was a dream come true for me. I've even been lucky enough in recent years to get to do book covers and interior illustrations for several new editions of his books.

Who asked you to design the bookplate?

Friends of his who were endeavoring to catalog his library. (I had just done some art for him previously, and kinda became a go to guy for RAW art)

What if anything is the meaning of all the symbols and images on the bookplate?

Everything in the bookplate is a reference pulled from his works. I tried to capture a fair approximation of his extraordinarily eclectic interests. (Eris throwing the Apple of Discord, The Tempio Malatesta, O'Connell Bridge over the River Liffey, Loch Ness Monster, Masonic checkerboard floor, and an impossible/recursive pyramid w/ his smiley face logo in the middle)

To your knowledge was the bookplate used by him when he was alive?

I don't know how far they got into cataloging his library before he passed on, but he did at least see and seem to very much enjoy the bookplate.
Note from Lew -For those of you (like myself) who are unfamiliar with Robert Anton Wilson here is a photo of him and a biographical link:

Robert Anton Wilson

By way of coincidence, I recently purchased another science fiction writer's bookplate on Ebay.
Willy Ley's bookplate was designed by his wife Olga Ley

Willy Ley

Designed By Olga Ley

ONE LAST THING- A Brief Commercial Message
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See you next Sunday

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