Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cards on Christmas Eve

Cecil B. DeMille's Christmas  Card

 During the filming of The Ten Commandments critics were predicting the expensive film would be a turkey and that became the inspiration for the sphinx. The card was designed by Bruce Dussell

     Cecil B. DeMilles Bookplate


      Admiral Richard E. Byrd's Christmas card

Admiral Byrd's Bookplate

The plate was originally engraved by E. D. French  for Admiral Byrd's father or grand father.
Admiral  Byrd had photoengraved copies made by the firm of Demsey and Carroll

              George Read Nutter's Christmas card  

                  Mr. Nutter was an attorney in Boston

         James D. Havens designed and signed this card

The inside of the card has a printed Christmas greeting from Dick, Marjorie and Judy Hart

A card engraved by Roy Cooney and sent to Brian North Lee with Christmas greetings.

    I wish you one and all a joyous Christmas and a happy new year

  See you again on Sunday.    



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