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Some Interesting Bookplates

 Daniel Dulany the Younger (June 28, 1722 – March 17, 1797) was a Maryland Loyalist politician, Mayor of Annapolis, and an influential American lawyer in the period immediately before the American Revolution.. He sided with the British during the revolution.
Many of the loyalists fled to Canada and England but he apparently remained in Maryland.

Ref. The Bookplate Booklet May 1911

In  The Loyalists of The American Revolution  (Vol.1, P.397 )  I found the following:
"Dulany,Daniel,of Maryland.Son of Walter.At first he enrolled himself in the militia,and seemed inclined to the popular cause;but refusing to sign the Test ,he incurred the displeasure of the Whigs and fled.Attained and estate confiscated." 
If the references cited are  correct,the father fled and the son remained in Maryland.

Bertrand and Alys Russell

Alys Whitall Pearson Smith was his first wife (married 1894, Divorced 1921)
Does anyone out there know if Bertrand Russell had other bookplates later in his life?

Anita Loos

The Anita Loos bookplate was designed by Frank Walts. There are examples with several color variations and some were even printed on metal foil.The example shown above is printed on Parchment.Here are some other  items designed by Frank Walts.


 A word of caution if offered an association copy with a Lovecraft bookplate. Mr. Lovecraft's cousin ,Wilfred B. Talman originally designed the bookplate. In 1977 The Necronomicon Press reproduced the plate and distributed it.I see them from time to time on Ebay. There is no easy way that I know of to distinguish these reproductions from the originals. Let the buyer beware.

Percival Lowell

" (March 13, 1855 – November 12, 1916) was an American businessman, author, mathematician, and astronomer who fueled speculation that there were canals on Mars. He founded the Lowell Observatory in FlagstaffArizona, and formed the beginning of the effort that led to the discovery of Pluto fourteen years after his death. The choice of the name Pluto and its symbol were partly influenced by his initials"

Double Mystery Bookplate

Who owned this plate ? Was it a Mr. Archer who wanted a punning plate ?
Who designed this plate ?
I don't have a clue. Your help would be appreciated.

See you again next Sunday.

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m said...

I can shed a little light (not much) on the archer bookplate. My grandmother used this bookplate when she was young, so the design must have been commercially available. There is a blank space at the bottom where the owner can handwrite their name. I have one book of hers with an inscription dated 1926, so that narrows it down some. She lived in California, and was born in 1911.