Sunday, November 09, 2014

Severed Heads on Bookplates plus a New Contest

NEW CONTEST Announcement

 Submitted by Anthony Pincott

I cannot recall ever seeing a crossword devoted to bookplates, so the one that appeared in The Bookplate Society’s Summer 2014 Newsletter seems to be a first. It can be found at  Of course some clues presuppose a knowledge of British bookplate history and literature, but this may not impede anyone who is willing to look up the Franks Catalogue online and who enjoys deciphering the elements of a cryptic clue. Existing members of the Society have until 4 December to submit their solutions in order to be included in a prize draw, the prize being a year’s free membership. Every non-member who sends in a correct answer by email to  by that date will be offered a first year’s membership at half the normal rate of subscription. Every entrant, even of an incomplete solution, will receive in return a bookplate (still to be specified what this may be). It’s an interesting challenge, and I should like to see another crossword, maybe not in any way cryptic, featuring American bookplates and artists.Do any of you  have the time and energy to compile this?
 Furthermore, it leads me on to ask if there are there any bookplates which depict crosswords. I can’t think of one – can you?

Topless Bookplates

For quite some time I have been fascinated by bookplates with severed heads and exposed brain matter. I call it my Donovan's Brain collection.
If you are turned off by this topic do not click onto this memorable link from the movie
  Underwater awakening

If you want similar bookplates from your own collection added to this posting send jpeg scans to

I missed out on this one last week. It sold for $15.50 on Ebay.

Here are some examples from my own collection::Mr. Lombardo's plate  ( below) was designed by Remo Wolf

Don't Mess with the Montgomery clan

 Aubrey Beardsley's illustration for Oscar Wilde's  Salome with the head of John the Baptist was selected for her bookplate by Wylly Folk St. John

Dr.Arthur Ward Jr. was the chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University  of Washington

11/29/2014                  I just ordered this one from a dealer in Germany. 

Pacher, August [also Augustin] (1863-1926): Monast Schäftlariense [Schäftlarn in Upper Bavaria]. 
 1913. 152 x 94 mm, letterpress 
beautiful leaf - Witte, Bibliography 2, 264; Thieme-Becker 
Do any of you know the historical or biblical relevance of the image ?

11/30/2014 In response to my inquiry fellow collector Michael Kunze sent this information:
Subject: Re: There's no accounting for taste

Dear Lewis,
 I do not know either this bookplate nor its relations.
I know at least three bookplates by Pacher for this Monastery, one other picturing a monk and a bishop, but both more alive... standing face to face and looking at each other. This mentioned one is marked "Sigisbertus  Abbas Monasterii Schaeftlariensis O.S.B. Me Cpmparavit".
The third one made by Pacher for this Monastery I know is a mere armorial bookplate.

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