Friday, April 21, 2017

This day in Bookplates 4/21/2017

Fellow collector David Wilton sent the following information about his new bookplate.

"The bookplate is engraved from an original artwork, a watercolor, by Graham Redgrave Rust.

The house shown is The Firs in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. The Firs was built in 1922 to a design by the well known architect George Howe of Mellor, Meigs and Howe. It is a scaled-down variation on its neighbor,  Howe's own house High Hollow.

The arms at the top and the circular badge in the bottom right of the cartouche are my family's. My initials are in the circle in the base.

The bookplate was engraved and printed by Book Arts in Washington DC on acid-free pre-gummed paper. The idea was to capture the feel of the watercolor, which I think they have achieved."

Note from Lew -The bookplate has a thin blue line border which the scanner does not show properly.

A new contest was hatched this morning.

My Goodness - Two contests in one year. I am on a roll.
Alice L. Salzmann's bookplate was designed in 1905 by A.H.B (artist unknown)
She was an active member of the Royal Horticultural Society .

The contest is easy.
 Just create a caption for her bookplate ,shown below.

The rules are simple .
Only one submission per person
The judges (Lew and Mary Jaffe) will delete any submissions in poor taste.
All submissions must be received by Midnight (E.S.T) May 30,2017 

The winner will receive a copy of John Grisham's upcoming new thriller about the antiquarian book trade , Camino Island

Send your submissions to

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