Friday, September 22, 2017

Support your local bookseller

Support your local Book Seller
I  never run paid advertising but I am always pleased to promote book shows, Book Sales and  Booksellers .It is tough out there in the real world if you are running an independent bookstore.

Here are  two noteworthy announcements

I received this email from Curtis Kise the owner of Neighborhood Books after I visited his store and complimented him on the attractive and reasonably priced framed bookplates he had for sale.

We are selling the framed bookplates for $5.95 - $8,95
 Loose or unframed ones are $1 each or 3 for $2, .
The exceptional ones range from $2 - $5 each.

The store is open seven days a week, 11am to 6pm, closed major holidays (next is Thanksgiving). We are located at 1906 South St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19146, 

 Our phone number is 215-545-BOOK

 email is

Thanks for doing this for us! - Curtis

Support The Bookplate Society

A new collector asked me yesterday why he should join The Bookplate Society

My response was Trust Me. Do It.

Perhaps I was too brusque so I will elaborate.
The Bookplate Society publishes well researched and profusely illustrated books about bookplates.
I use them frequently.In addition , most members go out of their way to assist me when I have questions about heraldry.Beyond that the member's bookplate auctions provide an opportunity to buy  items for your collection.
This book is currently available to non-members.
Price is £24 which is $31  and for a 1kg parcel Royal Mail quote £13.50, in other words $17.25, which I find grim but ipost and MyHermes are still more expensive.  So a total of $48.25 to non-members living outside the EU.

Item Description: The Bookplate Society, London, 2016. Soft cover. 199p. Publishers stiff wrapper. A biographical descriptions of 22 families and their bookplates with 249 black & white illustrations and an Appendix.
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