Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hello Again

I have been out of circulation for a while but now I am back.
It is nice to be here again.

I enjoy doing research about the owner's of bookplates.This one is unique.
 Dr. Austin O'Malley's bookplate was designed by his brother Frank Ward O'Malley.
fUR narrative of Frank Ward O'Malley was broken yesterday by tho in

The good doctor married Aline Demetria Ellis who was twenty years younger than him.
 She was having an affair with William J. Hearin  , a Cornell University student and she wished to get rid of her husband. She selected poison instead of a divorce attorney. Her poison of choice was arsenic.
You can read all the sordid derails here,4105600&dq=austin+o-malley+notre+dame&hl=en


Vicente Dobroruka said...

Wow! Now, THIS is a story! Lew, I am a collector of ex-libris of sorts. I have my own since I was 20, details and theme have changed very little. I would love to share ideas with you. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Greg Thompson said...

Hi, Lew. This is a longshot but I might as well try. I am trying to locate an old bookplate of my ancestor, William Thompson. We had one but it has been mislaid. It is a Chippendale Armorial (learning these terms) with the name "Willm. Thompson Esqr." and the motto ANTE VICTORIAM NE CANE TRIUMPHUM. The crest features a hand holding sheaves of wheat extending from a crown. It is described but not pictured in the 1890s volume AMERICAN BOOKPLATES as a "handsome plate." They also mention that it as a cornucopia of flowers on the left.

If my some miracle this plate is in your collection or you have advice on where to search for it, please let me know. My email is

--Greg Thompson