Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bookplate Therapy

Hello again.
I am back  after a long hiatus.
If you are locked down  and climbing the walls  I have listed some bookplate diversions.
If you have additional  suggestions please send them to me .
 The members auction of The Bookplate Society will be offered to non members.

A listing plus images of the 200 lots can be found at www.bookplatesociety.org/membersarea.htm . The second section (lots 201-490) is largely of bookplates and book labels by Leo Wyatt, Leslie Benenson and Derek Riley. The bidding status will be updated as bids are sent in. There is a bidding list to be completed and returned. This section is open to non-members, who will pay a buyer’s premium of 10% in lieu of a membership fee. They must pre-register, supply details of themselves and proof of good faith. 
send your email  if you wish to bid to    members@bookplatesociety.org
 I am always pleased to chat with my readers ,exchange  or buy duplicates and share information

Here are just  a few of my permanent wants: 

Bookplates from the libraries of notable people (loose or pasted in books)

          18th century American bookplates (loose or pasted in books) 

          I invite you to chat with me about your collecting interest.
          If you send me your Skype number
          I will respond quickly.
          Your number will not be published nor shared with anyone else

                            How you can get  bookplates quickly

If you have a relationship with any older hand bookbinders they often have an an accumulation
of bookplates . If time permits it might be worth following up. If has worked for me many times.Let me know if you get any treasures.

    In any event, good luck in this strange new world  we live in.

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