Sunday, January 31, 2010

I work in the Insane Department

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The meaning of words ,  in addition to  what is politically correct changes  with each generation. Here are some bookplates that are fixed in time. The word condemned book brings to my mind something like Tropic of Cancer but in the late 1800's at The Free Library in California it meant worn out , to be discarded.I asked fellow collector Richard Schimmelpfeng who is also a librarian about this archaic  usage and he recalled that many years ago the term was used for books that had been handled by children who had contracted a contagious disease and such books were taken out of circulation.  

Too bad these New York State laws are no longer enforced.

Look at the rubber stamp on the upper right corner of The Philadelphia Hospital bookplate.Can you imagine any contemporary mental health care professional saying out loud that they work in the "insane department"

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