Thursday, April 30, 2015

Andrew Kay Womrath

I just finished reading a delightful book, The Great Beanie Baby Bubble  by Zac Bissonnette.
Along the way I made note of the following on page 89 :" My downfall was the Checklists"one early collector told me " Once you have a checklist, you don't look at what you have .You look at what you don't have"
From my own experience I know this to be true.With each checklist I work on I get obsessed with getting the items I don't have. They are sometimes. not even to my liking .

Andrew Kay Womrath (1869-1939) lived and worked in America and England and France.. This makes the preparation of a check list more complicated..

Biographical Information Andrew Kay Womrath 

From Wickipedia
"Andrew Kay Womrath (1869–1939) was an American artist who became well known in France, although he was not widely recognized in the United States.
Andrew Kay Womrath was born in Philadelphia in 1869. He moved to London to study, and then went to Paris, working in both cities for several years. He studied under Urushibara Mokuchu, who bought many of his works. He often worked in advertising. Womrath's work includes drawings, woodblocks and watercolors. His only known poster is an advertisement for a January 1897 exhibition of the Salon des Cent in Paris. It depicts a woman (Gertrude A. Kay ?) leafing through prints beside a somewhat Bohemian-looking man who is admiring a vase.] In April 1896 a number of his drawings and book plates were exhibited in the Champs de Mars Salon. A reviewer in 1902 placed Andrew Kay Womrath in what he called the "Pictorial" group. Some of his colored woodcuts are now held in the British Museum."

.If you have any bookplates designed by A.K.Womrath which are omitted from this list or for which I do not have an image Please send me a scan so that the checklist can be updated.

Checklist Of Bookplates by Andrew Kay Womrath
(An ongoing Work in Progress)

Therese Beyer

Mary Louise Blodget

Edith Brown

Howard Carroll

Marie Clausen

Charles Lumas Dana (engraved by E.D. French)

The image below is from the Brewer Collection, University of Delaware.

Miss Dickinson

E.F.Draper Advertising Co.

Albert Fisk

Katherine Green

Hon. Claude Hay


Marion Lawrence

Claire MacDonald     (from the Brewer Collection, University of Delaware, )

George Gidley Robinson *

Dr. Leonard N. Robinson
Laura Van-Nest Talmage

Martha Thompson

Violet Tweedale

Hon.Arthur Walsh

Lady Clementine Walsh

Eva Cecela Wemyss


Arthur Romaine Womrath

A.K. Womrath

Fred Yuengling

Fellow Collector Anthony Pincott referred me to this issue of The Bookplate Journal which as it turns out is also a good reference for future checklists..Thank you Anthony.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Gordon Collett Checklist

Chronological list of  Bookplates

By Gordon Collett

 A picture of Gordon Collett at work on a trompe l’œil bookcase mural.
I have been interested in pen and ink work since a child., In fact I sold drawings whilst at school, but the pull to science was stronger leading me to study marine zoology, which I did: graduating in 1986,from  UCNW Bangor.. However, at college, I decided to be a commercial artist instead. I intended to combine both passions and establish myself as a zoological illustrator. As illustration dropped out of use in the 1990's I turned to new things which have lead to what is currently my main commercial concern, , mural work, particularly trompe l’œil. I have worked across Britain and Europe for both private individuals and commercial clients.
 I continued with pen and ink for my own pleasure and have sort of "fallen in" to bookplate designing as a valid way of using this medium. After seeing plates in some of my second hand books, I got tempted to draw one for myself (early 1990's),

Most of my plates are in some way biographical,for example in my own from 1997, It shows that I started as a marine biologist and am an artist, a shell collector and a fencer.The hind's head is my family crest and the faun was a character I used in a lot of my very early illustrations.

1             Kirsten Joanne  Hails         “Throne of Books”                                 100         10  x 10cms

2             Emily Jane Brunton            “Smoke Rings”                                     100         10 x 15cms

3             Helen Cannon                     “Multimedia Library”                            100         10 x 10cms

4             Gordon Collett                   “Life Pursuits”                                      500         7 x 10cms

 5            Prof. Colin Thain                “Biographical Heraldry”                         250         7 x 10cms

6             Harry Urban Holocaust Memorial Library
                                                                            “Symbolic Memorial”                  digital file        7 x 10cms

               7             Lucinda Elizabeth Auden   “Family Tree”                                      250         7 x 10cms

8             Eleanora Venus Charles-Collett
  “Sleeping Beauty”                                250         7 x 10cms
                                                            100         10 x 15cms

               9             Prof. Karl Lutchmayer       “20th century Piano”                               250         7 x 10cms

               10           Sir John Donne                   “Coat of Arms”                                     250         7 x 10cms
               11           Angharad Ellen Kate          “Foundation Stones”                              250         10 x 10cms

               12           Rev. Heather Noel-Smith
                                                                           “Folly Arch”                                         250         7 x 10cms
250         10 x 14cms

               13           David Griffiths                   “Druid Token”                                      1250       7 x 7cms

14           Kerry K. Barker                  “A Bathtime Read”                               250         7 x 10cms

15           Monty Charles-Collett        “Dinosaur”                                           250         7 x 10cms
100         10 x 14cms

16           Alan Butt Philip                  “Harpsichord”                                       250         7 x 10cms
100         10 x 14cms

17           Jessica Priestley                   “New Zealander, Histories”                    250         7 x 10cms
100         10 x 14cms

18           John Swarbrick                    “Psalm 121, 'I will lift up
 mine eyes unto the hills'”                        250         7 x 12cms

19           Andrew Peake                     “Peeking kangaroo armorial'”                 500         8.5 x 12cms

20           Lucy Claire                          “Caius blades”                                      250        7 x 10cms

21           William L. Coleman            “Listening to Sibelius”                            500        7 x 10cms

22           Ovidiu Sandor                      “Maps of life”                                       250         7 x 10cms

23            B'Nai Jeshurun Synagogue
               “Misiphre”                                    digital file       14 x 21cms

24            The Library of University College, Oxford
                                                             “Welcome In”                             digital file         7 .5 x 11cms


25            ExL PGBM                          “Family Colours”                                 250        9 x 9cms
                                                                                                              250        7 x 7cms

 26          Søren Iversen                        “Places He Has Lived”                          250        7 x 10cms

 27          Per Harkjær                          “After His Father”                                250        7 x 10cms

 28          Pucci Dell'Anno                   “Phonograph”                                        250       10 x 10cms
 29          Jack Carlson                         “Labrador Crest”                                   250       10 x 10cms

 30           S. D. Ozokur                      “Reading by the Bosporus”                      250         7 x 10cms

31           ExL GAC                            “Grisaille Arms”                       digital file          7 x 7cms

32           Yusuf Ìhsan Özokur            “Galleon Explorer”                                             250        10 x 10 cms

33           John Herbert Carlson          “Meteorology and Finance”                      250        10 x 10 cms

34           Susanne Carlson                 “Labrador Retrievers”                            250        10 x 10 cms

35           Ari Bergmann                    “Truth Shall Rise from the Earth”          250        7x 10 cms

36           Isabel Woodman                “Phoenix and DNA Orobus”                250         9 x 10.5 cms


37            P. O’Mórdha                      “Irish Colours”     [letterpressed]          250         7 x 10 cms
This plate was produced with a space for future dedications. 
It has been Letterpress printed, giving it a wonderful embossed surface, The gold is a metallic ink (but not a shiny foil).

38           Tony Bulmer                        “Maverick”  [trompe l’oeil]         digital file       12 x 16cms


39            B.G. M. Parry                                     “Three Trees”                                        250         7 x 10 cms

40           James Gutman                     “Wanderer Above the Fog”  [trompe l’oeil] 
 200        7 x 10cms                                50         10 x 14cms

41           LMC                                    “HMS Indefatigable amongst the  Isles”    250        7 x 10 cms


42            Albert Hodsoll Heath        “Armorial”                                            500       10 x 10cms

43            Justin Rammell Esq.           “Utah”  [letterpressed]                 digital file        7 x 10cms

44            Sir Don Bradman’s. Childhood Home Museum     “Water tank”                               tbc

Note From Lew- Here is Gordon Collett's contact information: