Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lots Of Links

Last week I attended the Rittenhouse Art Show and purchased this bee bookplate from Marina  Terauds.
She is a very talented print maker whose bookplates are worthy of your consideration , if you are finally going to bite the bullet and have a bookplate designed for yourself '
Here is a link to her website

Here are two European dealer websites :

Dr. Wolfgang Rieger deals primarily in German bookplates.This is one of the items (subject to prior sale) from his website

Soder, Alfred (1880-1957) : Ernst Rippmann. Wooden cross in rose-trees, behind houses in countryside.In 1909. 115 x 57 mm, Etching (green on white)  
back small mounting remnants - Witte, Bibliography 3, 94 f, 31 Thieme-Becker, Vollmer 4; Gutenberg 10,621 - signed and dated in the print order number / order number: 36879 20.00 € (architectural landscapes Basel Switzerland and Ireland United States)

Jacques Laget deals primarily in French bookplates but he does have a few items from other countries

Here is one of the items (subject to prior sale)  from his website:

RHEBERGEN (Jan)Ref: 00327510.00€ 
bois gravé en couleurs , 20° , HOLLANDE - JAPON 
Seimiya (Hitoshi) 188-1969

Okay , I slipped this one in because it makes me feel good.
Grandson Harrison walking with me yesterday.

Here is a thoughtful well written blog about medieval manuscripts;

                                                 The Flight into Egypt, Walter Art Museum, MS W.188, f.112r

One Last Thing
Next weekend (October 5th &6th ) is the Allentown Paper show
See you again soon .

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Edith A. Rights

Edith A. Rights wrote The Bookplates of Arthur Nelson Macdonald in 1986 and that's when I first met her..Although I did not know her very well she was someone I trusted and admired.
She loved to do research and went out of her way to assist new bookplate collectors.
Sadly, I have to write that she passed away on September 20th.

Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week in Bookplates 9/23/20013 - Bookplates For Exchange

I just found this database and it looks like it might take  more than a few minutes to poke into all the nooks and crannies.. The bookplate portion is overwhelming.

Mystery Bookplate

Can anyone out there identify the owner of this plate ?

Magician's bookplates for possible exchange

A Quirky Bookplate for possible exchange

It was designed by Fred B. Schlachter in 1944

Collector Profiles

 Collector profiles are always welcome. The collector profiles are are not very structured. You just write a few paragraphs about yourself and your bookplate collection.
Jpeg scans of your favorite bookplates increase the readership along with a picture of yourself, if possible.

If English is not your primary language don't be concerned.
If any editing is needed I will advise you of suggested changes before publishing.
A few randomly selected profiles are attached.

Send your collector profiles to

See you next week

Monday, September 16, 2013

This Week in bookplates 9/16/2013

I purchased this bookplate last week  and assumed it was English. I was wrong.
It turns out it was designed by May and Grace Greenleaf of Indianapolis, Indiana,
It is the only bookplate I own by these artists.

In searching through my reference books I found a partial checklist of other bookplates they designed,
Isaac Bildersee
Earlham Alumni, Illustrated P.98 Some American College Bookplates by Harry Parker Ward

Hettie Elliott
Harry Irving Miller
Carolyn Louise Salter
Edward L.Stevens
If you have any bookplates by these artists please send a scan and it will be added to this posting

Boxing is not a common theme on bookplates so I was very pleased to obtain this bookplate by
 Dugald Stewart Walker.I also have a duplicate for possible exchange.
Every morning I receive a newsletter called  Exlibris-L-Digest
More often than not I glance at it and then it is deleted. Yesterday and today there were very interesting topics discussed.

Dick Lowenstein asked this question:

I am looking for the names of successful second-hand book shops in public
libraries. Not, for example, the N. Y. Public Library, which sells only new
books at its main location. A real store where customers can browse and buy
second-hand books. Small to big shops, size doesn't matter. Combined gift and
book stores, too, as long as the books offered are not new books.

Here are  a few of the responses:

Try the Toronto Public Library:
Book Ends and Book Ends South
Lots of choice and excellent prices. Many branches of this very large
library system also sell withdrawn and donated books.


Dick, I am pretty sure there is such a shop in the main San
Francisco Public Library, just inside the entrance on Grove
Street. I do believe it is run by the library, so if you are
looking for shops which are independently run, by a private
individual, even though in a library, this shop likely does not
qualify. But it does sell used books.
For a smaller town, the Newport Public library has a nice store run by its


To this list I would add my  favorite right here in Philadelphia.


There was also an interesting link about 10 inspiring bookshops around the world.The ads on the site are both annoying and intrusive but it is still worth looking at.In fact I would love to visit each and every shop described.

See You next week.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Part Of My Want List- Bookplates Used By Famous People

I've probably mentioned in the past that I am always looking for bookplates from the libraries of famous people from any country. This is usually  a challenging  hunt but from time to time I come up with a winner.
Last week I obtained one of Edith Wharton's bookplates..She had several .
This one was designed by D. B. Updike at the Merrymount Press.

Here are a few more from my want list

Green Bookplate was used by King Farouk

At the top of my list is William Jefferson Clinton. I call it my holy grail. He has used at least two different bookplates that I know of.The most recent one was designed when some of his books were damaged after a flood in his Westchester County home. 

The trouble is that he is difficult to reach.  His firewalls have firewalls .The one time I shook his hand at a book signing I was too intimidated to ask and the moment passed. Oh well, hope springs eternal.

See you again on Sunday.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sale,Exchange and Auction Announcements

This is an extremely scarce and wonderful printed broadside commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the first demonstration of surgical anesthesia and inviting the recipient to the celebration.

This printed piece brings together important people in both medicine and the book arts as it is signed by both Bigelow and Warren for Massachusetts General. Additionally, the broadside, which measures about 8 by 12 inches, was designed by Bertram Goodhue, who was a typographer, book artist and maker of bookplates. The engraving was done by E D French and it may be his largest piece of work. Finally, the invitation was printed by the Merrymount Press in Boston under the watchful eye of D B Updike.

Not many copies were printed and it is a very scarce piece of medical and anesthesia ephemera and the work of Goodhue, Updike and French.

Note from Lew- 
This information was sent to me by Tom Boss. 
The item is currently available for sale.

Upcoming Auction Modern European Bookplates

On Friday 4 October 2 pm we will sell a beautiful collection of modern bookplates (lots 170-604)

Marc, Anette and Nathalie Van de Wiele
Groeninge 34, 8000 Brugge, Belgium,

Fore-edge Paintings

My son Steven sent me this  link about fore-edge painting

Here is another fore-edge painting link .

Bookplate Exchanges

I am always interested in adding  to my collection of  Leather Bookplates by purchase or exchange.
 Here are a few duplicates for possible exchange:

Kerrytown BookFestival ,  Michigan Sunday September 8th

See you again on Monday September 9th

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Two Links That Have Nothing To Do With Bookplates

I have two links to share with you today.

The first link should be of interest to almost anyone who lives in the U.S.
Acxiom , one of the world's largest data compilers, knows more about you than you could ever imagine. You can  access the information they have collected about you at the link shown below.
 This sort  of data is used by banks to determine credit worthiness and  by potential employers to find out what you omitted from the employment application .

 It is in your best interest to review this data carefully to catch any significant errors.

NOTE FROM LEW- After visiting the site I chose to opt-out of everything..
You may find the process both challenging and frustrating. It was designed to frustrate you and prevent you from opting out

A recent BBC article by Lucy Burns  discusses an  alleged  American Potato Beetle attack  in East Germany.
 I would like to purchase some of the posters relating to the incident .
Here is a link to the article:

So there you have it. One somewhat frivolous link and one very important one, neither of which has anything to do with bookplates.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bookplate Artist Profile , Gordon Collett

 A picture of me at work on a trompe l’œil bookcase mural.
I have been interested in pen and ink work since a child., In fact I sold drawings whilst at school, but the pull to science was stronger leading me to study marine zoology, which I did: graduating in 1986,from  UCNW Bangor.. However, at college, I decided to be a commercial artist instead. I intended to combine both passions and establish myself as a zoological illustrator. As illustration dropped out of use in the 1990's I turned to new things which have lead to what is currently my main commercial concern, , mural work, particularly trompe l’œil. I have worked across Britain and Europe for both private individuals and commercial clients.
 I continued with pen and ink for my own pleasure and have sort of "fallen in" to bookplate designing as a valid way of using this medium. After seeing plates in some of my second hand books, I got tempted to draw one for myself (early 1990's),

Most of my plates are in some way biographical..I started as a marine biologist and am an artist, a shell collector and a fencer.The hind's head is my family crest and the faun was a character I used in a lot of my early illustrations.

Eleanora ,loved "Sleeping Beauty" as a little girl

Monty likes Dinosaurs

   My plates up to now have been solely digitally printed, but I have  also found the technology to letterpress print from my drawings. Thanks to the likes of the British Bookplate Society and FISAE I am now getting interesting commissions from around the world. I am also playing with trompe l’œil in my ex libris, taking advantage of the advances in quality of digital printing and am looking forward to doing more

Tony Bulmer "Maverick" is my latest plate and an experiment in trompe l'oeil. It is a break from tradition in that this needs sticking on the fly sheet, not the front pastedown in order for the illusion to work.

Note from Lew- I want to thank Gordon Collett for sending this information and would encourage you to visit his website where you will find many more  examples of his bookplates and other art.

See you next Sunday.