Monday, June 25, 2018

This Week in Bookplates 6/25/2018

Many years ago almost everyone I knew collected something ,Stamps, Trading Cards, Matchbook Covers etc. Times have changed and most  collecting organizations are struggling to attract new members.Fellow collector Robert Bolton organized a bookplate exhibit at his local library.
This is an excellent way to introduce bookplate collecting to a wide audience in your own community. Thank you Robert.

"In March of 2017 I was allowed to display a sampling of my bookplate collection at Lanier Library in Tryon, North Carolina.  The focus of my collection primarily is on the artist rather than the owner of the bookplate.  Lanier Library is one of the few remaining membership libraries in the country.  Please refer to America’s Membership Libraries edited by Richard Wendorf with a preface by Nicolas Barker and published by Oak Knoll Press, 2007."

Robert Bolton

Sammy The Watch Cat 

Fellow Collector Al Gury has a friend watching over his collection.

Fellow Collector Jeff Price has added a few more framed bookplates in his gallery

Artists' Market Inc.
The Artists' Bookplate Museum
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