Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bookplate Bonanza

There are quite a few bookplate buying opportunities occurring simultaneously so I will list them all for you

Anthony Tufts at Exeter Rare Books is having a 60% discount sale on his Ebay Store

Dr Wolfgang Reiger  has an impressive assortment of German bookplates for sale.  

Antiquariat Dr. Wolfgang Rieger
Gruberhof 8 * 79110 Freiburg
tel: 0761 - 892350 * fax: 807496
mobil: 0173 3078983

UID: DE 222545656
Tom Boss 

Tel 617 3085062
New Address   129 Braintree St. #317  Boston Ma. 02134

 Tom purchased the Stephen Caplin collection .. It was one of the last of the early 20th century collections still in private hands.
It is rich in many areas including E.D. French and 18th century American exlibris.
For established customers Tom will send bookplates  on approval.
These are four of the items I purchased from him.earlier in the week.

The plate shown below was printed in Italy for the Newark New Jersey Free Public Library.

I call it my fire the typesetter bookplate.

This plate for Stewart Henry Hartshorn is illustrated on page 83 in The Art Of The Bookplate by James Keenan..Does anyone out there know who the artist is?
 His (Her) initials are CLH

I already have a copy of the plate for the American publisher Ralph Pulitzer and his first wife Frederica
  It is so finely engraved I purchased this copy for possible exchange.

Last but not least Jacques Laget  has an fine selection of bookplates  on his website

If you still have any money left after going through all the dealer sites you can always contact me to see what bookplates I have for sale or trade.

See you next Sunday.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bookplates of Notable People for Sale or Trade

One of the things I enjoy about this hobby is exchanging duplicates with other collectors.

From time to time I  list duplicates on Ebay but this time around  I thought the blog might be a good platform for possible exchanges. All the images have been enlarged for clarity.

.If you have any comparable duplicates  for exchange please send me a scan or a description.

See you next week

Thursday, April 18, 2013

James Doyle Jr. Baltimore Bookplate Designer

There are many competent bookplate designers about whom little or no published material is available.
James Doyle Jr. is such an artist . His daughter Sister Madeleine Doyle wrote about her father in the fall 1990 issue of Maryland Historical Magazine .Beyond that I have found  very little. He worked at
The Baltimore Morning Herald in the early 1900's and in 1908 he became a member of the Baltimore News art staff where he learned about etching. Many of his bookplates were designed for friends family and newspaper colleagues.

His most famous bookplate was designed for H. L. Mencken.
 It is printed in three sizes.

Warren Wilmer Brown (1884-1946) was on the staff of The Baltimore News

George A. Colston (1876-1935) was a Baltimore banker and investment broker

W.S. G. Galloway(N.D.-1948) was a purchasing agent for The B& O Railroad and an ardent yachtsman.

John Martin Hammond(1886-1935) was the author of Colonial Mansions of Maryland and Delaware.

No Biographical information has been found.

No Biographical information has been found . 
In his book he was cited as a friend and contributor by John Martin Hammond

"Richard D. Steuart (1880–1951) was a journalist in Baltimore, Maryland known as Carroll Dulaney, the name he used for his Day by Day column in the Baltimore News-Post. Steuart was also an historian focusing mainly on Maryland history and the role that Maryland played during the American Civil War. He maintained a vast collection of Civil war era firearms and assorted artifacts, many collected personally from the battlefields he visited. Most of his collection was donated to the Virginia Historical Society. His donation earned him and honorary membership in the society. His is the only non-Virginian to earn such a distinction"

If anyone reading this blog has bookplates by James Doyle Jr. which are not shown  please send scans to

With your help a comprehensive checklist can be developed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bookplates , Bookish Ephemera and Watch Papers

This weekend there will be two excellent book shows in New York City.

The ABAA Show

The Shadow Show

If you are planning to be at either show and have some bookplates for sale or trade please let me know

Watchpapers  ( they are circular jewelers advertisements, dust protectors, and written records of when a pocket watch was last oiled and cleaned )

Here is a link  from Bibliodyssey about watch papers in England.

 This is an atypical English watch paper

Richard Newman focuses on 18th century American pocket watches and watch papers.
Here is a link to his new website

Richard also sent me the following information:

"Lew, three of my favorites, all right around the turn of the century.

Perhaps the most sought after American paper is for the eminent maker Aaron Willard who worked in Boston in 1792 and his watch paper is purported to have been engraved & printed by Paul Revere. It features intricate engravings around the circumference.

Aime Brandt emigrated from Switzerland to Philadelphia in about 1795. Seafaring themes were popular on early papers. The anchor is a symbol of hope and together with a goddess holding a watch is perhaps an appeal for sailors to return safely and quickly.

Joshua Wilder from Hingham, Massachusetts is another eminent clock maker from the turn of the century and his paper pictures a wide selection of watches that one could see in his shop, along with a new and popular shelf clock design that was providing an alternative to expensive and cumbersome grandfather clocks. This example is a wonderful reminder to readers that the primary purpose of watch papers was for advertising."

I collect watch papers also, but there are not enough dollars or hours to pursue the hobby aggressively.
. Here are three examples  of folk art , homemade watch papers from my collection::

Fragile Paper cut on felt

Bookish Ephemera
Bookseller's labels are usually discrete and small. John Lindmark was an antiquarian bookseller in Poughkeepsie, New York . He was a gifted self promoter and his book label  which is six inches wide by 5 inches high is the largest one I have ever seen.
It was pasted on the inside front cover of a 1930's Bookman's Yearbook. .At first I thought it was a shipping label.but there is no return address and the blank space is very small..

More Lindmark ephemera

Mystery Bookplate
I believe this bookplate is from France. Does anyone out there know who GB was ?
It was originally in an 1847  copy of Revue Archéologique

See You Again on Sunday.