Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Eatons and the Valhal Studio in Brooklyn

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE One of the unexpected benefits of writing this blog is that every once in a while someone offers me something which belongs in my collection. In the early 1900's Hugh and Margaret Eaton had a studio at 339 Halsey St. in Brooklyn . Not much has been written about them since 1905 when The Troutsdale Press issued a 30 page pamphlet with bookplate tip -ins . I previously wrote about them on June 16th, 2007. To survive they produced all sorts of ephemeral items such as bookmarks, illuminated cards, invitations,calendars, bridge tallys. children's books etc. The good news is that a treasure trove of samples and original art work has come my way and I am in the process of sorting and cataloging it. The next few blogs will focus on the output of this remarkable arts and crafts studio. Stay Tuned.

Kimberly De Souza recently completed her first bookplate and would like to do another one. If you are thinking about getting a custom made bookplate she can be reached at

kim_de_souza_@hotmail.com" I currently reside in Singapore, though I spent 5 years of my childhood in Perth, Australia. I just turned 19 and I am currently completing my last year for my Specialized Diploma in Public Relations and Diploma in Mass Communications. I intend to travel the world next year before I start my Degree, hopefully in Fine Arts.The polar bear bookplate was first drawn on sketching paper with graphite pencils. I got the sketch scanned and pretty much just got the drawing reproduced in a smaller scale on matte sticker paper. The polar bear bookplate is a special present for my boyfriend, just because he loves polar bears after reading His Dark Materials."

Here are a few interesting links :

This one from The California State Library Foundation is about the California muralist Maynard Dixon's bookplates.

This one is from Wolfgang Rieger , a bookplate dealer in Germany who illustrates many German plates for sale:
This one from The State Library of Queensland is about Adrian Feint

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch Papers, Korean & Chinese Charms

Here is a link to my Ebay bookplate auction
http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&since=7&userid=bookplatemaven&include=0&rows=50&sort=3&completed=1CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE
My wife Mary has begun to collect Chinese , Japanese and Korean Charms. If you have any for sale please contact me at Bookplatemaven@hotmail.com

Watch Paper engraved by Paul Revere for Willard Watch And Clock Maker
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CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE AND SEE THE DETAILS Several years ago I spotted what I thought was a bookplate while shopping at Papermania.It turned out to be a watch paper , so let me explain what they are. Watch papers fit into pocket watches and were engraved by many of the same people who engraved bookplates.They prevent dust and lint from getting into the watch movement.They often have patriotic images and advertise the local firm that sold and serviced the watch. The only watch paper reference book I know of is American Watch Papers by Dorothea E. Spear

Phyllis Bobb of Reclaimed Home stopped by my space at the Brooklyn Flea last Sunday and took some photos. You can see them by clicking on the link below. I will be there again on Sunday April 27th. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood and say hello.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brooklyn Bookplates /The Burning Bush

Daniel Mitsui keeps getting better and better. This is a print he is doing for a friend in California. I first visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on a class trip around 1949.The reason I retain that memory is that we were shown a century plant in bloom and we were told it would not bloom again until 2049
The Eatons had a studio at 339 Halsey Street in Brooklyn where they designed bookplates and greeting cards

Augustus Toedteberg was a major print and book collector who lived in Brooklyn.

Dr. Meyer lived and manufactured cosmetic products in Brooklyn.

As far as I know The Pratt Institute is still in Brooklyn.This plate was engraved by the American Banknote Company.

I remember the first book I got at The Brooklyn Public Library. It was The Five Chinese Brothers or maybe it was four.

Several weeks ago I posted some information about the Enright collection. Here is an update :
Well I am two days late in getting the blog posted. On Sunday I participated in the Brooklyn flea (http://www.brooklynflea.com/ ) and on Monday I recuperated. It was invigorating and exhausting.
I will be there again this Sunday with lots of bookplates , ephemera, Victorian hardware and much more. Come on by and say hello. Last week I was in space L8 and I may have that same booth again.
See you next week.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Birds,Fleas,Mites and Assorted Tidbits

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NEWS FLASH-I just signed up to exhibit at a flea market in Brooklyn on Sunday April 13th. I'll bring some bookplates, some ephemera, several crates of restoration hardware, old books and whatever strikes my fancy. Here is a link with driving instructions. WWW.brooklynflea.com
Unless it rains real hard I plan to be there and hope to meet some of you. Dr. Friedman's specialty was Scabies an itchy affliction cause by the creature on his bookplate.
Gordon Craig did this bookplate for William F. Gable.

On Friday I went to two book shows in New York City and noticed a pile of books about Hubert's Flea Circus in Greg Gibson's booth.This triggered dim but fond memories of trips to Times Square when I was about fourteen years old. I used to get 15 cent hamburgers at a place called Grants and one time I recall going to a nearby "freak Show" and flea circus.The flea circus was absolutely fascinating and I think I went back a second time. It turns out that Diane Arbus was also intrigued by the place and took many photos there. Somehow the photos were forgotten about until Bob Langmuir, a Philadelphia book and ephemera dealer rediscovered them.Greg signed a copy of the book for me and I look forward to reading it tonight. Since fleas are the topic of conversation I have added two bookplates of some flea relatives.
Book Review- It's Tuesday morning and I finished the book last night. I am going to give it a very mixed review.
On the one hand it brought back fond memories and I certainly enjoyed reading about booksellers and places I know . On the other hand, the "hero" is a self-destructive Nixonian creep who enjoys bragging about all the people he has screwed throughout his life.That unfortunately includes the readers of the book.
This book was written to promote an auction and has the feel of a slick offering from a vanity press. Let the buyer beware.

I have been consolidating two bird collections into one album and have chosen nine images that appeal to me. Here they are. This one was done by Elly De Koster in Holland. Her specialty is natural history and her website is www.people.zeelandnet.nl/kely/
Charles William Beebe (1877-1962) Author, Naturalist and Explorer

How could you not like a bookplate depicting a happy vulture?

This one was done by Riva Kern.

Paper cut Japanese bookplate

Mary just handed me an article on the front page of The Sunday New York Times about death by blogging. I think I will read it now and hopefully see you again next week.