Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Twenty Five Judaica Bookplates for Possible Exchange

Two Mystery  Bookplates

Fellow Collector Tom Boss Has sent two bookplates engraved  by F.B. 
Does anyone out there recognize this artist ? 
Send your response to
 TGBoss @gmail.com

Judaica Bookplates for possible Exchange

I've been trying to get my duplicates organized but it is challenging because I've got the clutter gene.
If you have any Judaica bookplates for possible exchange send jpeg scans to 

I'll be back in several days with bookplates of notable people for possible exchange.


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Wonders of the Internet

Shortly after I wrote about Charles Frederick Blank I received this email.


Hello.... enjoyed your blog on bookplates..in particular the obit. for Charles Blank and the Blank signed Bookplate proof....

I am a barbershop collector and have in my collection the original art work grouping leading to the bookplate.
However I still have yet to find an actual bookplate... 

So in the event you ever run across another of these plates I would be interested in acquiring it... I even talked with Charles Blanks grandson in hopes of getting one from him..but he would not sell his extra plate.

Chief Mike

a little about me..

Shaving Kit engraved by Charles F. Blank
Note from Lew
 I contacted Spencer Frazee Charles Blank's great grandson and he was very helpful in sharing information with me.
He has  an excellent Face Book page with many images of bookplates.

He also sent this scanned photo of his great grand father.
Charles Blank

An email from Spencer Frazee


This may be interesting to you.   
Frederick C. Blank is buried less than 2 miles from my house in 
Rockville, CT.  I actually live in Tolland, CT, but it's still less than
 2 miles away.  I've since bleached his stone and tidied up the 
grave site.  Link below includes photos and a little background. 


Mystery Bookplate

If you recognize this bookplate please contact me.


I saw your awesome blog and thought you might like to see this do you know anything about Shoji?

.PS. it is in a 1936 book on Japanese woodblock prints by P. Neville Barnett which is also cool.

Sean Blanchet


The Smithsonian has a very impressive digitized research tool.
Here is the link for bookplates.  This site should be bookmarked.