Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bookplates Commemorating A Special Event

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE From time to time I get bookplates specifically prepared to announce or commemorate an event. The "I am pissed off" bookplate shown above always brings a smile to my face.

The Last Political Prisoner plate shown below has always been a puzzlement. It is in several major collections and this is what has been unearthed so far: "This Music Crept" is from The Tempest and was incorporated word for word by T.S. Eliot in his chapter 3 "The Fire Sermon" in The Waste Land.

240 years ago Teiley Blaksslee purchased a book and had a special book plate prepared.It is a large label measuring 80x 178 mm border to border.It must have been placed in a large quarto or folio volume. It is speculated* that he lived in Connecticut and was somehow affiliated with a printer. *REF. P. 304 Bookplates In The News by Audrey Spencer Arellanes

On New Years Day 1849 Oren and Sally Sheldon of Mount Morris , New York invited their three sons and four daughters along with their Pastor , Rev. C.H.A. Bulkley to their father's home for a very special celebration. Each sibling was presented with a six volume set of Henry's Commentary. The bookplate shown below was inserted in each of the forty two volumes.


One of the functions of this blog is to act as a clearing house for bookplate news and events from around the world. In this instance the event was a bookplate exhibit at a coffee house in Serbia.

I can't be more specific as the You Tube video is not in English.

That's all for this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seasons Greetings From Bookplate Land

I want to wish all of you good luck and good health in the coming year . Merry Christmas!
Top Row left to right , My Son Steven, My Grandson Harrison , Santa, Me,My Daughter Moira
Bottom Row left to right My Daughter In Law Lisa, My Son in Law to Be Steven Don't remember where I got the letter by Howard B. Cunningham but it gives me pause for thought. Among the current crop of presidential candidates I can think of only who can lead , and inspire this kind of confidence but I am not going to vote for him because he wants to continue the war that Bush got us into.

Bookplate designers have always sent collectors and clients beautiful Christmas cards and I would like to share some of my favorites with you. Dr. Bennett's card was designed by Rudolph Ruzicka (1883-1978)

Thomas Ewing French (1871-1944) often worked with A.N. Macdonald

William Hammatt Simmons (1884-1949)

Bernhardt Wall sent this card to the American ephemera collector Bella Landauer

The card shown above was done by Allen Lewis (1873-1957)
Timothy Cole (1852-1931) did the card below for Bella Landauer

Stanley E. Scantlin (1949- ) engraved the card below

See you next week.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two New Bookplate Artists,D.H.Lawrence Update

Ana Flávia Dias sent me this image of her bookplate.

Ivan Locke is an amateur fine art print maker whose current mediums are lino cut and woodcut relief prints and wood pyrography printed in either relief or intaglio.
His blog is

The December 2nd posting included images of " D.H. Lawrence bookplates" I want to thank everyone who responded and mention two experts who took the time to respond in great detail.
Professor Keith Cushman of the University of North Carolina, a noted Lawrence scholar and John Martin , who assembled the greatest collection of Lawrence first editions in America and probably the world.
D. H. Lawrence never had and never used a bookplate.
It is so easy to get hooked on an item presented and misrepresented on Ebay without doing research .Fortunately, in this instance I was not the high bidder.

If you are in Oklahoma you should look into a new organization for bookplate and antiquarian book collectors

Papermania (my favorite ephemera show) is coming up in January. It will be in Hartford Connecticut on January 5th and 6th

One final note : On the way to the 70th birthday party of an old friend in California I plan to spend at least one day in San Francisco looking for bookplates.If you are in the area and have bookplates for sale or trade please let me hear from you.
My email is

Sunday, December 09, 2007

eBay Seller: bookplatemaven: Prints, Art items on

After I came to the conclusion that retirement is stifling , I enrolled in a real estate course at Temple University . On Tuesday I take my final exam , for which I am not fully prepared so this is an abridged posting .

If you click on the link above you can see how my Ebay sales are progressing.You may even find a bookplate which appeals to you.

The little device pictured is a new identity theft protector that Ebay and PayPal sell for $ 5.00(that right $5.00).It's about two inches long and well worth looking into. . This nifty device gives you added protection if someone inserts a key stroke recorder into your computer or somehow gains access to your PayPal password.The device creates a random number which needs to be logged in to gain access to your account.It adds a few seconds to the process but I feel it is well worth having .
I recently purchased a bookplate by the late Al Hirshfield .It is the only one I have ever seen. Leighton K. Brill was Oscar Hammerstein's assistant for over twenty years and also wrote several movie scripts.
Here is another site for unusual collections and collectors:

Sunday, December 02, 2007

And The Winner Is/ D.H. Lawrence Bookplate

I keep a file of bookplates from the libraries of famous people not in my collection. Several months ago I was not the high bidder for a D.H. Lawrence bookplate in a book which the Ebay seller described as a gift from Frieda Lawrence. As I examine it once again, it does not appear to be a bookplate.It is cut unevenly as if it it came from a a dust jacket or note paper from Lawrence's Phoenix Press.What got me reviewing the item was a second Phoenix bookplate recently offered to me as having been used in Lawrence's own books.I have learned that Lawrence sometimes used a Phoenix bookplate on association and presentation copies but it is still not certain whether he used either or both of these in his own library. Several knowledgeable dealers and the D H Lawrence Society of North America have been contacted but if any of you out there have specific information to assist me I would like to hear from you.
First let me thank everyone who participated in the bizarre bookplate contest.We had a difficult time selecting a winner but here it is : The winner is Nina Allen and her submission is shown above.
Here is the URL for a book related website you might enjoy.
I especially like their monthly newsletter
Here is the URL for a fascinating glimpse into the wacky world of collecting
I will try to add a few more tidbits at the end of the day. Right now I am going to put a few more items on Ebay. See you later.
Sunday Evening-6:30 P.M. Here is another interesting site for those of you who want to learn about bookselling: Http://