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Robert Sneider, Engraver,Printer,Medalist, and Lithographer

One of the things I enjoy is unearthing information about bookplate designers who are relatively unknown.
Once such research is posted on the blog other collectors and researchers are encouraged to send additional data and scans to
On several occasions relatives  of  artists have stumbled upon my blog and generously contributed information..
My first batch of bookplates engraved by Robert Sneider were in a lot that originally came from the shop of Theodore B.Starr , an early 20th century jeweler and New York City
 Some of the bookplates were signed by Robert Sneider . Others which  appeared to be by him were not.
I have only scanned the signed ones.
 Mr.Sneider ((1841-1917) is listed in various New York City trade directories at thee different locations.
The earliest ,in 1877 was at 37 John Street,From there he relocated to Fulton St.
His ads indicated i that he was an engraver,printer, lithographer and a medalist
.I suspect he was also a silver engraver.

Here is a site with 33 examples of bookplates by Robert Sneider

Once you reach the site put Robert Sneider into the search box to see the 33 images

Mr.Sneider engraved commemorative medals The link below
displays additional examples .

Here are a few additional links that have nothing to do with Robert Sneider.
This one is about book thieves:

These two are about a very focused book collector who has the funds to aggressively pursue his hobby.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bookplates of Paul Macalister

In dribs and drabs I've accumulated five bookplates by Paul R. Macalister He is not mentioned in any of my reference books so I embarked on a Google search and found his biography on the website for the Papillon Gallery,  In addition, they are currently  offering for sale  the original pen and ink drawing for the Paul and Verner  Macalister bookplate.

If you have any bookplates by Paul Macalister which are not  shown below please send scans and they will be added to this blog posting.

Paul MacAlister (1901-1990)

Paul Ritter MacAlister was born in Camden, New Jersey on October 15, 1901. He was a noted designer, collector, writer, illustrator, lecturer and architect.

MacAlister studied at both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art. He furthered his studies at Yale University’s School of Architecture, from which he holds the first degree ever awarded in Interior Design and Architecture. He also spent two years at the École des Beaux Arts in Fontainebleau, France, studying with Bourdelle and Carlu.

Upon graduation MacAlister established his own design firm in New York and executed the interiors for several yachts and offices during his first year in business. This was followed by many years of successful work in interior decoration and architecture for such outstanding personalities as Clarence Mackay, Thomas Eastman, Roy Howard, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and George Vanderbilt among others.

In his studio in Rockefeller Center, MacAlister conceived and directed a display of furnishings for decorators' use known as the Permanent Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Crafts, which occupied an entire floor in the main office building at Rockefeller Centre from 1933-35.

Paul Macalister served in the U.S. Navy during WW II in its Department of Training Devices, along with designer Henry Glass, under the head of its design program, Cleveland designer Viktor Schreckengost. After the war, MacAlister went to Chicago in 1946 to accept the position of Director of Interior Decoration and Industrial Design at Montgomery Ward and Company, and to conduct a color survey for them. He later established his own design firm in Chicago.

MacAlister produced one of the first TV shows on home design in Chicago in the mid-1950s. He later served as a consultant and appeared frequently on the NBC Home Show. He developed and mass-produced "Plan-a-Room" kits with scale furniture and room layouts that could be used to plan and organize home spaces for consumers. The kits were also used by 1500 schools and colleges as a visual planning device.

MacAlister was president of the Industrial Designers Institute (IDI) in 1953. He founded, and for many years chaired, IDI's pioneer national design awards program, which began in 1951 and continued until 1965. He was awarded IDI Fellowship, which was honored by IDSA when it was formed in 1965 by IDI and other organizations. He lived in Lake Bluff, IL.

In 1974 he designed a cardboard kit to recreate an astrolabe, an astronomical instrument with a history going back to ancient times. The kit was published as part of a book by Roderick S. Webster titled “The Astrolabe. Some notes on its history, construction and use”. Also in his list of accomplishments is the entire interior decoration of the expensive home of George Vanderbilt, noted big game hunter, at Long Island, N. Y.

He was a member of the Art Institute of Chicago; the Industrial Designers Society of America, of which he was the president in 1950-51; Royal Society of Arts, London; Early American Industrial Association; and the Midwest Tool Collectors Association. He exhibited at the Beaux Arts in 1924 and 1925, the Art Institute of Chicago in 1950, and The Industrial Designers Institution in 1956 (silver medal), among others.

Long a leader in his field, MacAlister was responsible for the first successful contemporary designs for automobile hardware, the earliest use of the set-back base in furniture design and the storage head-board, as well as many design for textiles, wallpapers and plastics. An exponent of contemporary design, his work has greatly influenced the trend of American furniture design during the past twenty years.

22 X 16.5 INCHES

Currently available at The Papillon Gallery 

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This Week in Bookplates 1/12/2014

Earlier this week Gabe Konrad  published his new PDF bookplate catalog with many reasonably priced items, Everything is subject to prior sale and  yesterday Gabe sent me this update:

"Well, I sold more than I expected. 
 Sold are number 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 16*, 18, 23, 30, 31, 33, 34, and 45.

There are still 30 items available"

Note from Lew
*I purchased item   16. The Roy Martins. Cipher of an unknown designer. 63mm x 102mm. .
Does anyone recognize the artist's cipher?

Dugald Stewart Walker

I hope to publish a checklist of the bookplates designed by Dugald Stewart Walker.
 The Library of Virginia has a collection with about twenty bookplates which he designed.
The Autumn 1991 issue of Virginia Cavalcade has a ten page well illustrated article about him . written by 
Stacy Gibbons Moore and Edward D.C. Campbell,Jr..
 You may still be able to purchase this issue .

Library of Virginia

Tel: 804-692-3524
Fax: 804-225-2934

 Regrettably,,,the image above is not a bookplate..It was engraved by Mr. Walker
 for the first day cover of the Susan Anthony commemorative stamp 

Image from the Autumn 1991 Virginia Cavalcade article 
Follow this link and weep.

I have a duplicate  of the Hiram Moore Smith Jr. bookplate shown below.for possible exchange

That wraps it up for now. See you next Sunday.



Sunday, January 05, 2014

Punning (Canting) Bookplates

 Punning bookplates have always fascinated me. 
If you have any in your collection please send me a scan(s).
They will be posted to this blog as they are received.
Puns in languages other than English would be most welcome.
Send your scans to

Three of the plates shown below are actually rebus/punning plates

A R Kane is a rebus/ punning plate

Another rebus/punning plate

1/6/2014   Jos Swiers sent a number of Dutch punning plates

Dutch punning bookplates

Name owner
La Chapelle (chapel)
Anton Pieck
Koopman (merchant)
Anton Pieck
Hahn (cock)
Albert Han
Valk (falcon)
Nico Bulder
Eyck (oak)
Engelien Valença
Brugmans (bridgeman)
Pam. G. Rueter
Schutter (marksman)
Nico Bulder
B.H. Vos (fox)
Nico Bulder
Visser (fisherman)
Ank Spronk-Feenstra
Dijkhuizen (houses on a dyke)
Jan Batterman
Kiewiet (pewit)-de Jong
Simon Moulijn
Rotgans (brent-goose)
Georg Rueter
C. Vos (fox)
Henri Jonas
ca 1920
Boer (farmer)
Dirk van Luijn
Mol (mole)
P.J. Franken
Kramer (pedlar/packman)
Pam G. Rueter
Dorrenboom (dry tree)
Lou Strik

1/7/1014- I just found two more in my bird bookplate album

Vogler is German for bird watcher

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

And The Winner Is

Congratulations Craig Harris. 

The judges decided  your plate was the most interesting..
It was difficult to make the final decision as so many of the plates were excellent.
 I want to thank all the participants for submitting entries..

The creature depicted is a Kappa.

You can see all the submissions here

To find out more about the Kappa click here: