Friday, September 24, 2010

Bed Bug Trivia/Dragonfly Bookplate

Dragonfly bookplate I got in an exchange with a fellow collector.I believe it is from Sweden

Video about bedbug convention

I have no idea why these disgusting parasites interest me but here is a link to some bed bug trivia:
"There is one place where finding a bedbug might be a blessing: at the scene of a crime. To a forensic scientist, bedbugs could prove more reliable than any eyewitness. Because they feed on human blood, bedbugs are living repositories of DNA evidence. Allen Szalanski, an entomologist at the University of Arkansas, and his colleagues have found that they can genetically match the human blood inside of a bedbug to the individual host on which the bug has fed. And, because bedbugs usually retreat to their refugia after feeding, they can preserve that evidence at the scene of a crime for up to a week after the criminal has fled."
See you on Sunday. No more bedbug stories, I promise.

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