Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recent Discoveries and Pending Research

One of the joys of bookplate collecting is doing research and discovering new information.The Internet speeds up the process at the price of  sometimes copying some one's sloppy research.
Here are a few recent finds and what I have unearthed: so far:
The black circular plate shown below was already in my collection when I purchased the blue variation at Papermania last week. I knew the plate was illustrated in  Bookplates Of The Nineties by Keith Clark
(Plate XIV). Here is what I learned on page 15.

The Willis Plate is Allen # 943
It contains a hidden engraved date not mentioned by Allen.
.It is so well hidden it sometimes takes me several minutes to find even though I know where it is located.

8/30/2011-New Information
Upon further research I  believe the Willis plate shown above may not be Early American.
In the British Museum Catalogue of the Franks Collection it is listed as #F31975
with the following notation " The plate of Richard Willis with altered inscription and Mountaine's
signature erased 1751"

9/5/2011 -Additional Information from fellow collector Anthony Pincott:

Concerning the Willis bookplate, details of it as the second state of a bookplate for a Richard Willis are to be found in the 1st series of Bookplate Journal in Vol.20 No.1, p.46. 
However, I’m not 100% certain that this correctly identifies the bookplate’s owner. There was a Richard Willis, son of Richard, christened on 28 May 1719, but this was at Morland, Westmorland (now Cumbria), not Marland.
I have also tried to find a marriage of an Elizabeth S. with Richard Willis, or alternatively an Elizabeth daughter of a Richard Willis, but again nothing convincing so far – the name Willis is too common

I know very little about the two transportation plates shown below.The Traffic Club of Chicago is still around so I will send them an inquiry this week.Does anyone out there have any information about Will and Lucy Humbert the owner's of the other plate ?
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