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The Bookplates of Donn P Crane

Christmas card by Donn P.Crane
Bingo- The internet paid off again.
Several weeks ago I wrote about  Guthrie Y Barber's bookplate by D.P. Crane .
A few days ago, to my delight and surprise I received an Email from the artist's grand daughter, Ann B.Crane.
How thoughtful of her to contact me . She took the time to send bookplate scans along with some very useful links.
Her grandfather's full name is Donn Philip Crane
Here are some of the bookplates he designed.

The Artist's  Bookplate

His Son's bookplate

His sister Bessie's Bookplate
His Daughter Betty's Bookplate

Guthrie Y. Barber was a family friend,
The next two plates are from Crane's brother in law's family

I copied the biographical information shown below from this site:

Donn Philip Crane (1878-1944)

Donn Philip Crane
Born:1 Sep 1878 Springfield, Missouri
Died:22 Apr 1944 Chicago, Illinois
Father:Day Otis Crane
Mother:Georgianna B. Morhisen
Siblings:Donn Philip Crane
Bessie M. Crane
Spouse:Alice Florence Jones
Married:11 Oct 1911 Chicago, Illinois
Children:Betty Crane
Donn Philip Crane
Donn Philip Crane was born September 1, 1878 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.
His parents are Day Otis Crane and Georgianna B. Morhisen. He had one sister,Bessie M. Crane.
Donn married Alice Florence Jones October 11, 1911 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.
Donn was one of the first American Fantasy Artists. He illustrated children's books.
Donn died April 22, 1944 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He is buried at Oak Woods Cemetery.


Leonard D.Greco Jr. is a lifetime fan and admirer of Donn P. Crane . Here is a link to the very informative blog he wrote about Mr. Crane and his book illustrations.
Thomas H. Buchanan is an artist/blogger who also wrote about Donn P. Crane.
If you have any Donn P Crane bookplates or ephemera in your collection please send a scan and it will be added to this blog posting.
One final note. I encourage you to send me information about your bookplate collection so we can include it in one of the upcoming collector profiles. 

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Leonard Greco said...

These are just wonderful, many I have not seen before, such treasures, thank you. I am in contact with Donn's family, just this week in fact, but i haven't seen some of these. such a treat. Thank you,
Leonard Greco @ babylonbaroque