Friday, May 25, 2012

More Biplanes

Amy Bend Bishop's Bookplate was engraved by Sidney L.Smith in 1909.Her husband was Cortlandt Field Bishop. She was a philanthropist and a world traveler

"Cortlandt Field Bishop (1870 – 30 March 1935) was an American pioneer aviator, balloonist, autoist, book collector, and traveler.
He earned an A.B. from Columbia University in 1891, an A.M. in 1892, a Ph.D. in 1893, and an LL.B. in 1894. In 1893 he published a book on American colonial voting practices.
As president of the Aero Club of America, Bishop offered a $250 prize in 1909 to the first four persons who could fly one kilometer.
Auction of the Cortlandt F. Bishop collection was an important bookselling event.["


Eric Henning Nelson  was one of the pilots who participated in a round the world flight contest  in 1924
.His Douglas World Cruiser traveled at  the speed of 70 miles per hour
.Two of the World Cruisers still survive.One is at the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio and the other is in 
the collection of The National Air and Space Museum  

Stay tuned for a few more Biplanes on Sunday .

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Some wonderful aviation related plates, Lew. I look forward to Sunday!