Sunday, July 01, 2012

Polar Explorers, Part Three

In parts one and two I used  bookplates of polar explorers from my own collection . If you have additional bookplates  of polar explorers please send scans to and they will be added to this posting.Here is a  list of polar explorers.

"  Marie Peary Stafford and Louise Arner Boyd were both women of means who were drawn to the Arctic somewhat by chance. Stafford, the daughter of explorer Robert E. Peary, was born and spent the first months of her life in Greenland. The press nicknamed her the "Snow Baby," and her mother, Josephine Peary, published a book with the same name. As the daughter of the man credited with being the first person to reach the North Pole, Stafford grew up intimately connected to the region her father had explored. She returned to the Arctic as an adult for the sole purpose of building a monument to her father's memory"
. You can read more about her and other women of the arctic at this site:

                                               Polar Ephemera
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries there was a polar frenzy.
 Many advertisers used polar explorations to promote products.
.Here are a few examples:

There is a common perception that tinned foods contributed to the deaths of some polar explorers .Here is a contrary point of view:

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Update- 7/8/2012     Old Polar Bookplate Found See Link below

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