Sunday, August 11, 2013

American , German & English Bookplates on Ebay

  The MacGowan plate was done by the house of B.Garfunkle .The engraver was M.Georges Habig.
A party of Phonectian traders have landed on The Stannitee (the tin islands- Britain) and are trading dyed textiles for the tin that was necessary to harden their copper weapons.
In the background are the white cliffs of Southern Britain .The boat was copied from a picture of a Phonecian boat found in an Egyptian carving.
To the left are the skin clad Britons
The Bennett A. Cerf  bookplate was designed by Rockwell Kent.
If you examine the stone face under magnification (click on the image) you will see Mr. Cerf's name

   I have  listed a very nice selection of  thirty five bookplates on Ebay and thought they might interest you.

 To place a bid you can search Ebay by my seller name Bookplatemaven in the advanced search section

I'll be back with my regular blog posting when the auction ends.

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