Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seasons Greetings

James Keenan the director of The American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers *
 sent me two images this week which are timely:

This bookplate is by Konstanin Kalinovich

  He a graphic artist and book illustrator who utilizes mixed etching techniques

Konstantin Kalinovich was born in Russia and now lives in The Ukraine. He studied at The Ukrainian Academy of Print and works in the fields of painting, graphic arts, book illustration. Kalinovich has devoted himself to bookplate design since 1985.

"I attach a card that was printed and "tinted" at the T J Lyons Press when I worked there about 30 years ago.  We were well known for fancy letterpress printing utilizing Victorian typefaces & ornaments.  Lots of bookplates too!  

To the best of my knowledge, the Boston city scape engraving was originally created at the Riverside Press in Cambridge. You know, they were publishers and book printers started by Henry Houghton in 1852 . A few years later George Mifflin became a partner "

*Note From Lew-
The American Society has revamped and updated their website.  It is well done and loaded with useful information including electronic versions of most of the major bookplate reference books.

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