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Robert Sneider, Engraver,Printer,Medalist, and Lithographer

One of the things I enjoy is unearthing information about bookplate designers who are relatively unknown.
Once such research is posted on the blog other collectors and researchers are encouraged to send additional data and scans to
On several occasions relatives  of  artists have stumbled upon my blog and generously contributed information..
My first batch of bookplates engraved by Robert Sneider were in a lot that originally came from the shop of Theodore B.Starr , an early 20th century jeweler and New York City
 Some of the bookplates were signed by Robert Sneider . Others which  appeared to be by him were not.
I have only scanned the signed ones.
 Mr.Sneider ((1841-1917) is listed in various New York City trade directories at thee different locations.
The earliest ,in 1877 was at 37 John Street,From there he relocated to Fulton St.
His ads indicated i that he was an engraver,printer, lithographer and a medalist
.I suspect he was also a silver engraver.

Here is a site with 33 examples of bookplates by Robert Sneider

Once you reach the site put Robert Sneider into the search box to see the 33 images

Mr.Sneider engraved commemorative medals The link below
displays additional examples .

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