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Some Interesting Bookplates

Here is a link to a blog posting by Karl Marxhausen.

It is loaded with interesting  information about these bookplates and their owner's

This image shown above came from an Irving Lew catalogue .
Here is a bit of bookseller trivia.
 Mr.Lew's son is currently The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

  • Smith Ely Jelliffe

  • Smith Ely Jelliffe was an American neurologist, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst. 
  • He lived and practiced in New York City nearly his entire life
  • BornOctober 27, 1866, Brooklyn, NY

  • The bookplate was designed by Anne Jouart
    Dr. Jelliffe's bookplate amuses me.because I have a room with books and

  •  ephemera which is similar to the bookplate image

  • .Periodically I put excess items in bankers boxes but clutter always wins out.

  • In another life, before retiring  I visited many clients and always paid attention to their desk tops.

  • Some were always squeaky clean.and they amazed me..The clients with cluttered desk tops

  • and file folders piled on shelves were the ones I was more comfortable with...  

                                        Richard Gimbel

    Richard Gimbel (1898-1970) was a dedicated rare book and manuscript collector and the son of the founder of Gimbel's department store. He began collecting while serving with the 8th U.S. Army Air Force in England during World War II and continued after becoming curator of aeronautical literature at Yale University. In 1939, Gimbel purchased the Edgar Allan Poe House in Philadelphia. He refurbished the home and opened it as a museum. The National Park Service began overseeing the property in 1978, reopening the home in 1980.

    Here are three of the bookplates he used.There may be others 

  • John Renjilian, Owner The Pages of Yesteryear

  • "The Pages of Yesteryear has issued their annual date-numbered catalogue. This one is number 49. It celebrates 49 years in the book business. This catalogue offers an eclectic mix of mainly shorter length material, much of it written by hand. There are diaries and such, one of a kind items primarily from the 19th century. They quickly display how much times have changed. "

  • You can reach John  at

     203-426-0864  or 

  • This is an Email John recently sent about upcoming east coast book shows.

  • The month begins with the ABAA NYC fair at the Park Ave Armory, 643 Park Ave at 67th St. Opening with a preview on 3 April, 5-9, $60, the actual fair will be 4-6 April, 12-8 Friday, 12-7 Saturday, 12-5 Sunday. Excepting the preview, three day admission is $45, or $20 per day. Over 200 worldwide dealers will set up, and they will bring wonders to behold, at equally wondrous prices, but it is a treat to see such items. Free informal appraisals of up to five items, 12-3 Sunday. Sanford Smith manages the fair for the ABAA,,, or 212-777-5218.

    Riding the coattails is the Manhattan Vintage Paper & Ephemera Fair and Fine Press Book Fair, 5-6 April, at the Altman Building, 135 West 18th St, NYC. Saturday 5-9, Sunday 9-4, $12 admission. The Shadow Show has been running for several years as an antiquarian fair, and this year has expanded to include fine press books. Appraisals Sunday, 1-3. Flamingo Eventz runs the show, or 603-509-2639.

    The next event will be just across the river a bit for the LI Vintage Paper, Book & Advertising Show, at the Garden City Field House, 295 Stewart Ave, Garden City, 11530. Saturday 12-6, Sunday 11-4, $6 admission. With two LI fairs in two weeks, I can't say what the dealer setup will be. Appraisals by John Bruno Sunday, 1-3. Flamingo also runs this one, or 603-509-2639.

    Finishing out the month will be the Allentown Paper Show, 26-27 April, at the Agriculture Hall of the Allentown Fairgrounds, 17th and Chew Sts, in Allentown, PA. Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-3. 170 dealers, there is a $1 off coupon at the website but no mention of the admission, usually $7. This has long been a favorite for all kinds of goodies, not just books, though they are there in plenty. Sean Klutinoty is in charge,,, or 610-573-4969.
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  • Note from Lew:
  • I will be attending the shadow show in New York City on Sunday April 6th
  •  If you have bookplates for sale or exchange and plan to be there I would like to hear from you.

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