Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Note from Andrew Peake

The bookplates relating to Crabites brought back memories of my own
time in Iraq and Baghdad.  I was in Baghdad in August through to
December, 1990, when the country's leader at the time, Saddam Hussein,
made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and I became a hostage.
Fortunately being an Australian, I wasn't in the same category as
US/British and a few other countries, who were regarded as No. 1
enemies and were put on strategic sites.  After a month or so
captivity I was left in the care of my Embassy and could wander around
the city and surrounds.  During this time I transcribed the Christian
cemetery, but can't remember if I saw a headstone for Crabites.

I collected a lot of material regarding the situation while in Baghdad
and on return to Australia collected several metres of books on the
event including publications written by fellow hostages.  I published
my own recollections under the title, 'Guest of the President'.  I
also had a bookplate created for this collection of books.  Recently I
deposited my collection of material to the Flinders University of
South Australia.

I've attached a copy of my hostage bookplate, based on a logo used by
my local newspaper , 'The 'The Advertiser' when it published material
regarding the hostage situation and subsequent War in early 1991.

Andrew Peake

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