Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reefer Madness

For those of you who were young in the 1960's can you  fully comprehend that 1965 was fifty years ago ? I have trouble with such reality..I was not a bookplate collector back then but I did collect rolling papers. The collection was passed on to my son Steven.
Out of curiosity I searched Google for rolling paper collections and came up with a few links:

This one  covers many types of cigarette rolling papers from around the world.'

 I have never seen a cannabis related bookplate although I assume they exist.
If you have one in your collection send it to me and it will be added to this blog posting.

 This is the closest plate I have to offer at this time. The plate is from France circa 1890 so I hope the owner  does not mind me imaging he might have been smoking a joint..

When it comes to mind altering drugs like LSD and Magic Mushrooms I do have a few bookplates to share with you .
 Aldous Huxley's own bookplate was designed and executed by Bruno Bramante
 Photo of R.Gordon Wasson (1898-1986)

5/11/2015  I just remembered this bookplate used by a long term opium user.

One Final Thought

I can't believe I actually voted for this guy(twice) although I still would like to get his bookplate.

WILLIAMS, Fred V. The Hop-Heads of San Francisco.
San Francisco: Walter N. Brunt, 1920.

5/11/2015  Interesting Blog   from BookTryst about an LSD counterculture library

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