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Dealer Profile Harri Ylikomi

My name is Harri Ylikomi. I am an antiques dealer  living in Jämjö outside the city of Karlskrona in the south of Sweden.

I was born in Sasi close to the city of Tampere in Finland. I started to learn about antiques at a very early age since  my parents Eila and Lauri have been in the antiques business since the 1960s. In fact, my father has been  a bookplate collector for many years. I had my first antiques shop  in Tampere, Finland, from 1995 to 2013. My  wife Maria and I got married in 2014. Now we live in Sweden where I sell antiques and bookplates mostly through  eBay (my seller name is tampereen2005)

Here is a link to my Ebay store:
Recently I acquired the Olga Nilsons and 
Alf Westergren Bookplate collections of over 2,000 fine and old 
Ex Libris from the 18th century to the 1950s

Alf Westergren (1891-1968), Swedish physician. In 1921 in an article on blood in pulmonary tuberculosis, Westergren introduced his method for measuring the sedimentation rate of red blood cells.Alf Westergren's collection was  started about 1910, .I currently have a copy of his bookplate in my Ebay store

They included, for example, the bookplates of Alfred Nobel and the polar explorer Thorild Wulff both of which have been sold .

Thorild Wulff polar explorer, who died in Greenland 1917

There are far too many bookplates to scan individually so many of the bookplates have been listed on Ebay in groups of twenty, forty etc.

  I can  sort them  by themes like different kind of animals (birds, cats, horses ...), professions (doctors, teachers, pharmacists, writers, priests, captains, architects …), musical, ships, flowers, heraldry Vikings, rune stones etcetera. 

Send me an email with  themes or artists that interest you and I will send scans for your consideration.

These are just the tip of the iceberg

Send your inquiries to

Vera Stenhusen (Viking decoration)

Carl Oscar Borg ( a Swedish born, American painter who was known for themes of the Southwestern United States) 

Frithiof Hjelmqwist (Art Nouveau)

Notes From Lew

I have purchased some theatrical bookplates from Harri Ylikomi.
Because the service was outstanding I asked him to create this profile.
This is one of the  theatrical plates I ordered for my own collection. I liked it so much that I sent the image to my son who in turn inquired if I was not feeling well.  I then showed it to my wife who thought it was grotesque.
So there you have it there is no accounting for taste.

Here is a link to the Swedish Bookplate Association website

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