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A Little Help From My Friends

Rebecca Eschliman  has written several  articles about the Antioch Bookplate Company and has been very generous in sharing information

More information  can be seen by following this link

David Sallume Vice President Antioch Bookplate Co.

February 16, 1965

Yolanda Bergamini

Dear Miss Bergamini:

Thank you for your recent order for 100 special bookplates. If you are not sitting down as you read this letter, I suggest that you either do so or take a solid grip on some stationary object. My reason for giving you this advice is that I have to tell you that bookplates manufactured to your specifications would price in the neighborhood of $250.00 for the first 100.

Now that you have come up for air I will tell you that I have not taken time to pinpoint the costs precisely, though I will do so if you wish. Perhaps you might like to consider the alternative of having our art department prepare one color drawing based upon your own. Working on this basis we could supply 100 bookplates for a single order for $44.00

David W. Sallume, Vice-President

Dear Mr. Sallume:

Thank you for your February 16 letter and for your sense of humor.

Let's try the alternative to my first idea.

I'm confident that your artists will prepare a satisfactory one color drawing based on my Mother's. The $44.00 cost for 100 bookplates sounds good.

I hope that your artists will feel at liberty to re-arrange the placement of the words I requested for this bookplate, i.e. the quotation placed at the top may look better under the flowers. Thank you.

Gratefully yours,
Yolanda Bergamini

February 25, 1965

Dear Miss Bergamini:

Thank you for your letter of February 22nd with further reference to the presentation bookplate.

The thought is appalling one, but nearly 40 years of business operation have taught us that  when we do custom work for private persons, prudence dictates that we ask for cash with order. We will be delighted to put this bookplate into work upon receipt of your check for $44.00

David W. Sallume, Vice-President

Dear Mr. Sallume:

Again thank you for a prompt reply to my request on February 22.

This order may be appalling, but my Mother's friends think of her as a remarkable woman. And the family agrees.

I have enclosed my check for $44. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Yolanda Bergamini

March 8, 1965

Dear Miss Bergamini:

Thank you for your letter of March 2nd and your check in the amount of $44.00 Our acknowledgment on the special bookplate will go out very shortly.

I was humiliated to find that you had apparently misunderstood my letter of February 25th. What I jokingly referred to as “appalling” was not by any means the order, but the necessity of asking for cash in advance. I think if you will look again at my letter this meaning will come through clearly.

David W. Sallume, Vice-Pres.
From The Antioch Archive
What I can share with you today are a selection of private bookplates based on professions/interests (how I wish someone had written down the story of the rutabaga one!). 

Brady -- printed in black on ungummed vellum. 10.2 x 7.6 cm

Diaz-Pifferer --  [Manuel Diaz-Piferrer was a recognized authority on Caribbean undersea botany] Designed by Lucy Piferrer, printed in rose and black on ungummed white stock. 10.0 x 15.2 cm 

Dunn -- Designed by Algira Pierce, printed in black on gummed vellum. 7.3 x 10.1 cm

Feitelberg -- [1905-1967, physicist noted for his work on the application of theory from physical science] printed in sepia on ungummed vellum. 7.9 x 6.2 cm

Freidberg -- printed in black on  ivory stock. 7.5 x 10.4 cm

Goddard -- [12th governor of Arizona] printed in sepia (border and name imprint printed in blue) on ungummed vellum. 7.6 x 10.4 cm

Klaila -- printed in black on ungummed vellum. 7.5 x 10.2 cm

Fellow Collector Al Gury visited the print room at The Argosy Bookshop in New York City and found this treasure.
Very fine woodcut on laid paper.
Arts and Crafts period.
 Jacques Laget identified the artist and the owner.
"René BIOT, born 1889 in Macon, near Lyon. Son of Félix-Camille. Chef Laboratoire Clinique Médecine,  Faculty of  Médecine of  Lyon, Doctor. méd 1914, installé Lyon 1917. Secrétaire Général "Groupe lyonnais d'études médicales, philosophiques et biologiques " qu'il a fondé 1924. Importante bibliothèque surtout musique ancienne.
Bookplate by Claude Dalbanne around 1920"

My son Steven sent this link about the Pratt Bookplate collection.
It is very easy to navigate .

Fellow Collector Anthony Pincott   sent this useful information about Theodore Roosevelt's Bookplate

I don’t know if you have covered the bookplate of the 26th President in your blog, or whether it is written up elsewhere, but if not then there’s a fair bit at

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