Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Tribute to The Late Larry Conklin By Tom Boss

 I'm really going to miss Larry Conklin. We had innumerable interesting conversations over the thirty-five years I knew him. He was always a provocative thinker with a great vocabulary and command of the English language. Larry loved to discuss, dissect and yes, even argue.

        He was an important mineral dealer and had many stories about collectors and collecting. His personal collection was also enviable. Larry had a passion for early American furniture and decoration and displayed wonderful pieces in his home. They always seemed well-integrated into his style of living.

         I knew Larry chiefly as a book collector first, then as an avid early American bookplate enthusiast. He formed an extensive collection of the works of William Loring Andrews the American bibliophile. I found most of the books in his collection for him. I hope his work on Andrews will result in a book on this important figure.

         Larry also became vulnerable to the charms of bookplates and decided to collect the works of Paul Revere and Nathaniel Hurd and other important engravers and prominent American figures of the 18th century. He liked to keep his bookplates in specially made boxes with the individual prints matted. He was a fastidious collector whose knowledge and passion were in ample evidence whenever I encountered him.

          I hope that other collectors now and in the future will be influenced by Larry in their activities but I'm afraid that with his passing we are left with a permanent void.

Note from Lew -Here is a link to Larry Conklin's website:


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Anonymous said...

I met Larry when I was creating a Beauty story- he loved the story! All about Gems and Coor! he was the most amazing man! Jovial, kind and caring. I called to say hello, And was saddened to learn this. I was honored to have known Larry. May he rest in peace.

Pamela Taylor
Makeup Artist