Sunday, September 11, 2016

This Week in bookplates 9/11/2016

Let's begin with my simple wish on this fifteenth anniversary of the attack.
I hope one of the two ass holes running for president (whichever one is elected) gets some good advisors and follows their advice.

Fellow collector Yosef Halper made this bookplate shortly after the attack.
The translation is
 " There is nothing more complete (or whole) than a broken heart "

Throughout history during every social upheaval and plague prophets of doom along with religious zealots sprang up like mushrooms in manure.
9/11 was no exception.
Items like these were rapidly distributed .

They all have one common theme you are responsible for 9/11  because you sinned...

 I do not agree with the zealots who thrive on chaos
 The world is not coming to an end . 
We will muddle though this chaos  and life goes on.

See you on Monday when I will have a more upbeat posting .

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