Monday, May 29, 2017

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Fellow book and bookplate collector Jerry Morris send me  his new bookplate and I asked him to send me a brief description. Here is his response.

Back in February 2013, I wrote a blog post 
On Selecting a Bookplate For My Library .
 Recently, I asked a friend to make two copies of Bookplate #4 for me.  I was donating two books, Four Oaks Farm and Four Oaks Library, from my Mary Hyde Collection for the silent auction at the upcoming Florida Bibliophile Society Banquet in May, and I wanted to paste the bookplates in them.
This friend, Charles Brown, the President of the Florida Bibliophile Society, makes exquisite bookplates for our guest speakers; but instead of merely making copies of my bookplate, Charles improved upon it .
I liked it so much that I had 100 copies made for the other books in my Mary Hyde Collection.

Jerry Morris

Piggy Go Fetch My Book
Shown above is one of my favorite plates by William Fowler Hopson
If you are near New Haven Connecticut before October 6th you should
visit the Hopson Exhibit at Yale.

" From his home on New Haven’s Whitney Avenue, William Fowler Hopson catered to a growing marketplace that sought out individualized, personal bookplates. Hopson’s process realizing his 201 bookplate commissions—preserved in correspondence, sketches, and corrected trial proofs—demonstrates his commitment to encapsulating his patrons’ identities.
This exhibition in the Sterling Memorial Library exhibits corridor, features Hopson’s artistic materials and personal papers, part of the Yale Bookplate Collection and Yale’s Manuscripts and Archives, to elucidate the process of inventing, negotiating, and printing bookplate designs in their golden age. Ultimately, Hopson’s clients commissioned bookplates with artistic representations that were emblematic of their familial, personal, and communal contributions. By tracing the claims made through these commissions, we gain unique insight into some of the social standards and aspirations at the turn of the twentieth century in America."

DON'T Procrastinate
The contest is almost over

The contest is easy.
 Just create a caption for the bookplate ,shown below.

The rules are simple .
Only one submission per person The judges (Lew and Mary Jaffe) will delete any submissions in poor taste.

All submissions must be received by Midnight (E.S.T) May 30,2017 

The winner will receive a copy of John Grisham's upcoming new thriller about the antiquarian book trade , Camino Island

Send Your Submissions to

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