Monday, July 10, 2017

More Recent Arrivals

Jeffrey Price has a new wood block bookplate engraved by Andy English.
I asked him to write something about his new plate and this is his response:

It started with the idea of  referencing M. C. Escher’s artwork and including my own Latin motto. I enjoy the phrase ‘Seek the Extraordinary,’  and the closest Latin translation of that is ‘Quaerite Singulari.’ I used ‘Ex Collectione’ rather than ‘Ex Libris’ for flexibility, thinking that I may put it on the back of a picture from my gallery, a book from my collection, or perhaps exchange it with other collectors..
     Both Andy and I are fans of Escher’s work, especially his 1931 series of  woodcuts titled ‘XXIV Emblemata.’ Emblemata prints have a history going back hundreds of years. Their function was to educate by illustrating a moral lesson or motto with a memorable picture, often created in woodcut. The design Andy created has its roots in an Emblemata print of a sundial, in which the transience of time is shown by a passing shadow. But a fortune-teller’s crystal ball sees the future, and I am indebted to good fortune. 

Andy even crafted a reflection of Artists’ Market in this sphere, and you can even make out the number 163 of our address in the image. The tiles are engraved like Escher’s, and the garden is 100% Andy English. Andy cut his initials into the block in Escher’s style, tying  everything together quite neatly.

Jeffrey Price                                     

Artists' Market Inc.
The Artists' Bookplate Museum
163 Main Street
Norwalk, CT 06851 USA                   

Here are a few recent additions to my collection

By way of explanation I purchase bookplates that fit into themes that have  some weird appeal to me.

                       Severed Heads

For quite some time I have been fascinated by bookplates with severed heads and exposed brain matter. I call it my Donovan's Brain collection.
If you are turned off by this topic do not click onto this memorable link from the movie
  Underwater awakening

If you want similar bookplates from your own collection added to this posting send jpeg scans to

This bookplate was designed by Roberto Buonacconsi
I see no artist's signature on this plate but the previous owner noted that it was done by Pavel Simon
This bookplate shown above is a gift from fellow collector James Keenan.
It was etched by Matthew Collins

Okay, this is not a bookplate. It is a magazine cover which reflects my own fears about our current president - his misguided , and very muddled mindset.
As a nation we survived the civil war , two world wars and the great depression
 Hopefully we will also survive this very sad turn of events .

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