Sunday, March 04, 2007

Washington BookShow / Library of Congress

Several weeks ago I wrote about airplanes on bookplates.Here are two additional images which were omitted. Curtis -Wright Corporation was the manufacturer of the P40 Warhawk during the second world war and Eric Henning Nelson was a pilot who in 1924 flew a Douglas DWC-2 cruiser around the world. If you have additional images of airplane bookplates ,please send a scan and they will be included in a future posting.

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I just got back from Washington DC. . The trip began with a tour of the Library Of Congress bookplate collection which had been arranged by fellow collector Dr. James M.Goode. If you would like to see the collection , arrangements can be made through Sara Duke, The Curator Of Applied Graphic Art. Her contact information is as follows: . A word of caution, the collection is quite large and you need to be very specific about the artist(s) or type of bookplates you wish to see.The image shown above is a souvenir bookmark of senate pages , in a gentler time,having a snowball fight on the Capitol plaza .

The Library of Congress has digitized thousands of historic and cultural images for your research and enjoyment. They run the gamut from baseball cards to the civil war. It is worth a visit and you will probably bookmark the site.

At the book show and elsewhere , I purchased three unique items as follows:

An 1894 proof signed by E. D. French ( the engraver ) inviting Samuel W.Avery to the opening ceremonies of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.This item came from the Bella Landauer collection formed in the 1920's and is exceedingly rare.

A signed proof by the English engraver C. W. Sherborne done for Francis Folsom Cleveland.I only know of two other presidential wives who had their own bookplates, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy.One would assume that Laura Bush might have a bookplate, having a library background but it is my understanding that she does not use one.

An Islamic bookplate which I would love to have translated. If someone out in cyber space can assist me I would be most appreciative.

I have a few more airplane images to add from a previous posting and will do so before the day is over.That's all for this week. My surprise retirement party is coming up and I will also be heading out to Arizona for a few days. If you are in Arizona and have bookplates to sell or trade please let me hear from you. I can be reached at

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jessyz said...

The Arabic one says "Knowledge is the fountain of life and the book is the fountain of literature" more or less. It prettier in Arabic than when it is translated. But it is still an amazing bookplate.