Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Judaica/ Sunwise Turn Bookshop



If there are two hundred bookplate collectors in the United States I would be very surprised. When you select a bookplate specialty such as Judaica the number probably drops to twenty people. It is a double edge sword . On the one hand I have very little competition but on the other hand there are not many individuals with whom I can exchange duplicates. With that thought in mind I am going to post ten duplicates for possible exchange. My contact address if you wish to exchange duplicates is bookplatemaven@hotmail.com
For those of you who would like to start a collection, here is a time tested way to begin. Contact your local hand bookbinder. Most of them are pack rats who save every scrap of leather and marbled paper along with bookplates.Some of the nicest bookplates in my collection came from bookbinders.
Here is another suggestion. If you are at an antiquarian bookshop be sure to ask if they have a box of old boards (detached covers) .This is an source for unexpected treasures.The Argosy bookshop in New York City keeps several boxes of old boards and from time to time I have found some nice bookplates there . On my last visit I picked up a board with a crude but colorful booksellers label which aroused my curiosity . Here is what I found out. The Sunwise Turn bookstore was in operation around 1916 and the label was probably designed by one of the owners, Madge Jensison. She also wrote a book about the shop entitled Sunwise Turn, A Human Comedy of Bookselling. It is poorly written but I read it out of curiosity.

Another book I read this week and could not put down was Outwitting History by Aaron Lansky.It's about one man's quest to save Yiddish books from being destroyed.It truly inspired me and I plan to visit the National Yiddish Book Center ( the fruit of his labors) this summer.
My collection is not limited to Judaica bookplates. If you have bookplates for sale or exchange I would like to hear from you.

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Rachel Jagareski, Old Saratoga Books said...

I just finished Lansky's book "Outwitting History" too and really enjoyed it. Yiddish is such an expressive language and it's good to know these books were shlepped and saved for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

-Rachel, Old Saratoga Books