Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Unusual Bookplates and Random Thoughts on Retirement

I doubt that there are very many bookplates which indicate the exact latitude and longitude in which they were placed in a book. Using Google I tried to determine the location of the coordinates lat. 52.21, long. 20.48 and came up with something inside Poland. That does not seem right. Any navigators out there who can assist me?

Updates - 8/20/2007-Sean Tierney responded as follows:
"In reference to the Latitude and Longitude on the bookplate,what is missing is the distinction between N/S and E/W. You actually have four options:
52.21N 20.48 E
52.21N 20.48 W
52.21S 20.48 E
52.21S 20.48W

Sad that the detail wasn't included.Looks like 3 out of 4 are in the big blue.I couldn't find the ship's name on a quick Google search but some research might reveal the common steaming routes and give a hint."

George Eberhart of American Libraries Direct sent the following:
" I found a reference that the crew of the Alexander Marshall , among them Capt.Gardner, was picked up at sea somewhere in February 1880 by the Norwegian SS Thingvalla after the ship was abandoned leaky and dismantled.Nothing was saved. "
See Http://

"It may have been a ship of the Black Ball Line and according to
made a run from Liverpool to New York in 1872 in 25 days with both merchandise and passengers."

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The data processing card bookplate deserves further investigation. I do not think it belonged to the American biologist Raymond Pearl because he died in 1940

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The universal bookplate in green is printed on metal foil .Technically the other item is not a bookplate. I suppose you could call it a record plate.

Four months into retirement and I am ready to try something new. I always figured that all my outside interests and hobbies were enough to keep me busy but after a while it dawned on me that my make-up is such that I really need more structure (not too much) plus the challenge of closing a sale to keep me from going bonkers. I signed up for a real estate salesman's course at Temple University and if all goes according to plan I will start a new career.

This week I am going to Papermania Plus in Hartford

If you have bookplates for sale and are somewhere near Hartford, I would love to hear from you.
See you next week.

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Olli Ylönen said...

I am sorry that this comment comes a bit late, it seems that I have missed over a month of Your blog.

On Your post on August 19th and the text about data processing cards and Raymond Pearl.

As clearly indicates similar cards were in wide use before 1940's.

The card in case is not a IBM 80, but rather reminds a Hollerith 45.


Olli Ylönen