Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where is Temple Emanuel ?

Daniel Mitsui is a very talented Chicago artist who has produced several bookplates.I was very impressed with his bookplate for Roseann Szalkowski and will be ordering a bookplate from him next week. Here is his Email
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I got back from Papermania late Saturday evening and woke up at 4 :30 A. M. to look at and sort all my purchases. In Hartford , I finally purchased a Leonard Baskin bookplate done for Temple Emanuel. I had been searching for this elusive plate for some time. My initial thought when I started looking six months ago was to call Temple Emanuel in New York City.Everyone knows Temple Emanuel is in New York City, right? I did not make the call because after searching on Google I found about twenty different places of worship with that name. Does anyone out there know which Temple Emanuel used this bookplate?

It was Tom Boss who actually found the plate for me . Since one good turn deserves another let me mention that Tom Boss is the only full time bookplate dealer in America . I have been buying from him for over twenty years and his inventory of American and European bookplates is awesome. He will send out bookplates on approval ,which in this day and age is very refreshing.


The late Brian North Lee wrote at least twenty books on British Exlibris .His library of over 700 books covers all periods and individual titles are being offered for sale by Claude Cox in London.

If you are in the Baltimore , Washington area there will be a prestigious antique and bookshow at the Baltimore Convetion Center from August 30th -September 2nd.

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