Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bookplates For Sale or Exchange

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Four bookplates in my collection which were engraved by John Hudson Elwell .
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Yesterday I went bookplate hunting at Shupps Grove
The pickings were slim because of the rain but I did find a few items of interest.I believe Daniel W. Hamm was a high school principle in Allentown Pennsylvania.The artist's signature is enlarged .Perhaps one of you might recognize it.I can't make it out.

I bought several copies of this Adora label . One will go into my ephemera collection and the others will wind up on Ebay.

I also purchased this calling card engraved by John Hudson Elwell in 1918 ,while employed by the W.H. Brett Co. of Boston. Since very little has been written about this engraver . I have scanned four bookplates which he engraved in the early 1900's

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this hobby is the exchange of duplicates . To increase trades among collectors I have started a simple exchange website. Participation is free and I retain the right to not accept images in poor taste.

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