Monday, August 25, 2008

Religous Images and Holy Cards

No bookplates to show today. I started to look at holy cards and religious images in my ephemera loose leaf album and felt like sharing them with you. More often than not , I ask booksellers if they have a box of ephemeral items found in old books.Sometimes I get bookplates and sometimes I find items like these. In any event, it pays to ask.

Click On Images To Enlarge Yesterday I got back from Hartford Papermania . Most of my purchases were not bookplates . I bought the image on the left depicting a mason . The image on the right, by the same artist was already in my collection. Does anyone out there have any information about the artist I.Busch ?
I am assuming these are German , 18th century hand colored prints taken from books.
If you have found interesting ephemeral items in old books let me hear from you and I will include your treasures in a future posting.

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Anonymous said...

No info on the artist Busch, but it seems there are some more in the market. Through Antiqbook ( I found a couple on sale by Harteveld Rare Books Ltd in section Holy Card.

Olli Ylonen